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If the event includes a meal, then serve 4 hors d'oeuvres per person for 1 hour prior to meal. I would probably make an extra 10 pounds and leave frozen until I saw how things were going. I would use white beans navy, pea if I did only one. To serve, spoon vegetable mixture over spaghetti, or toss gently. We are doing a baby shower after supper? Upon arrival, she felt a complete change in the air. I am in desperate need and guidance on how much food I will need.

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While a number of companies on this page offer gluten-free products, this category is far too broad to fully address here. Simply Organic offering over 40 organic spices, and additional seasonings Mountain Rose Herbs bulk organic herbs and spices.

Heavenly Organics wild forest and Himalayan honeys Pollen Man bee pollen, royal jelly. Kosher Westbrae Natural miso products Maine Coast sea vegetables, since Nasoya organic tofu products. I'm kind of lost of how much to order. They are planning to serve people, but they thought to plan for for the fruit. It'll be over with the cake, and I don't think they wanted to plan it with the meal. Any ideas of how much fruit to order? I know the wtaermelon's I only wanted 1 or ANy help will be greatly appreciated.

Use the recption smaller amounts. You want about 6 pieces of fruit per every person. If you are looking for the recipes, try the search feature, or go to google advanced search and check the little box that says, check on ellenskitchen. I hope this was the question you were asking. The reception is going to be a "stand-up, walk around mingling reception" due to the space in the reception hall. What about lettuce and cheese?? I am having a taco bar for my daughter's open house in June. You will also need at least 4 cooks in the kitchn, bartenders, and at least a dozen servers.

If you want to email me privately, use the updates link at the bottom of the page for further discussion. Kathy, strange but true, the amounts for the baked potato bar for on this site are just about perfect for tacos for , especially if you add pounds each dry beans and raw rice cooked up.

Want to serve cold slaw as salad. How much prepared slaw do I buy? The one that is ready but no dressing. I would make lasagna for 30, parm for , 1 small piece of chicken per person.

If no sandwiches, I would increase the lasagna to 40 servings. Then you cut the casseroles very small. Chrystal, these are covered in the plan for pages- you need 4 times the amount for I would roast the potatoes and reheat. How much chicken and ham do I need? I would allow about 85 legs and 20 poinds thin-sliced boneless ready to eat ham. Hey Ellen, I have been asked to cater a Greek Salad for - how much romaine, feta, ingredients do I buy?

I don't eat raw onion, so I skipped it, but some sliced raw onion, possibly soaked in Italian style dressing, is customary. I would not mix it in, but place so it could be easily removed. Possibly a few pepperoncini. Fresh dill, fresh oregano. No lettuce at all. How many pounds pots.

Also how many cans sodas and bottled water for 90 people. I also will be having iced tea. How much will i need? I need to know how much of each item do you think we will need.

Please read the "wedding dinner" start guide. Even if you start now, you will be hard pressed to manage, especially with no previous experience. You need to consider having some items catered, or drop-off catered where the caterer makes the dish and drops it off ready to serve.

How many pounds of each item would you recommend we purchase? The reception is the 11th of August so were rapidly running, of time, and believe me at this stage were running How many tomatoes and onions do I need to chop for the burgers?

Neil, are you trying to do this at your house, or do you have a rented commercial kitchen? You need about 3 cooks and 12 servers to set this up, serve the buffet table, and take it down! It is WAY too many to do at the house- too bad you did not plan 4 smaller parties- if that is the situation, yur best and safest bet is to order the meet catered- cooked and dropped off ready to serve at party time- ready to eat, boneless, you want about 1 pound of thin-sliced roast beef for each 4 people PLUS 2 ounces each ham and turkey.

If it is hot, be sure you have at least two hot side dishes beans, potatoes, rice, starch to slow down the meat consumption- set up the meats at the end of the buffet table. See the plan for page for help with all your quantities. See the buttons at the top of the cook talk page for specific help with fruit or veggie trays, desserts, beverages, etc. I'm doing all the food for our daughter's wedding reception except cake - around guests.

Looked at your "Big Pots" area, but am not sure how to plan quantities in this combinantion. Also, need to know how to figure on how many cans of beer will also have one keg from a favorite brewery and bottles of wine.

Thanks for your help. What time and service are you planning? You can cut down somewhat on the amount of meat by adding a big pasta salad easier to prepare than potato salad- can be made the day before and chilled. See the plan for page and the brisket and BBQ page. I am making Gumbo ith rice and cornbread.

I will also have side of pies or cake, and drink I will go to the bverage section for that. I am cooking for a small Flea Market to help raise money for a Food Pantry, I will be serving from I am nervous that I will make to much or not enough. I am hoping that I will get at least to people or maybe a few more My question is, if I want to just cook for people, how many gallons of Gumbo would I need to feed when serving 12 to 16 ounces?

This is a generous serving. Allow 1 gallon for 12 servings. I use smoked picnics simmered to make my gumbo base, yes even with seafood gumbo, and have had lifetime Mississippi Gulf Coast cooks ask for the recipe. I'm using smoked beef links, but what is Smoked Pinics simmered???? I am not using seafood, just chicken and hot links. I know some people are allergic to shellfish. Another question please, can the base broth, roux, some seasoning be cooked ahead of time, to cut down prep time?

And do you have a good recipe for Vegie Gumbo? How much of the following. The taco bar page will also give approximate amounts for servings of many toppings. Soup or baked potatoes are excellent side dishes for fall salad lunches. Nan, Smoked picnics are the smoked shoulders, like hams only the front legs and less expensive. Simmered with onions and celery they make a terrific broth, and you cook till the meat just shreds, shred it while removing bones skin and excess fat and return to the broth.

It will cut down on the amount of sausage you need, too. Yes the broth base can be made ahead and refrigerated, but pour it into containers less than 4 inches deep, or it will satrt to sour before it cools. Look at the planning and shopping article. Once you have made your list, post it, and I will be glad to check it for you.

I am having a Halloween Harvest at my church and am serving Sloppy Joes. How much hamburger meat do I need to serve between a nd people? Also, ABout how many bags of tortilla chips should I get to have nachos with the sandwiches?

As listed in several places, 8 pounds corn chips per people as a side serving. Use the bowl of red recipe in the recipe box, no beans. Samosas,stuffed mushrooms,asian spring rolls, cheese puffs, skewered shrimp, small chicken cabobs, " " beef cabobs, mini passaladiere Best.

If the event is only hors d'oeuvres with no meal to follow then serve 5 hors d'oeuvres per person for 1st hour and 3 hors d'oeuvres per person for subsequent hours. If the event includes a meal, then serve 4 hors d'oeuvres per person for 1 hour prior to meal. From the number of hors d'oeuvres you are making, it seems that your party is hors d'oeuvres with no meal to follow, therefore follow the first formula and you will have plenty of food.

Since you are serving an array of highly attractive foods, be aware that people are likely to try one of each, even if only there for an hour. How does one weigh what will be eaten more as opposed to less and how to how much of what to buy when some of this can be itemised and some, like the prosciutto and Mozzarella and salads, can't?

It is professional level catering and cannot be done in the home kitchen or by an inexperienced caterer, and your not knowing how to estimate it suggests that it is too complicated for you. For example, there are too many oven and fried items for the home kitchen. Estimating this level event is considered a professional service. If you are dealing with a caterer to obtain the dishes, they should be able to give you accurate estimates for the amounts. If you want to do it yourself, you need to reconsider the menu.

You can email me at the contact address at the bottom of the page if you want to discuss it further. It is also caleed: Your best bet is to find a local oriental grocery, or order it online, or ask at a Thai restaurant if you might purchase a small amount. For equivalent sweetness, if the recipe calls for a quantity of palm sugar, use a mixture of equal parts maple syrup and either soft brown sugar or black sugar depending whether you desire a lighter or darker-coloured result.

Measure the mix as called for in the recipe. Usually there is some left, but I don't run out, and the grilled items do freeze for a taste of summer later. Or the cooked patties make good chili if crumbled up.

How many pounds of Shrimp will serve people? I want to do Garlic Roasted potatoes red potatoes for it, How many pounds will I need and also how many pounds of Pork Loin Roast for that many people? Chirs, 45 pounds raw boneless top round per people, cooked low and slow to reduce shrinkage.

Se my beef roasting page in the holiday cooking section of Big Pots. Julie, 35 pounds red potatoes and 45 pounds raw boneless pork loin per people served. That's not all we are having, I just needed help with those 2 things Also how much potatoes for mashed potatoes are suggested for the same amount of people.

How many pounds of fresh green beans should I purchase for a group of 20 persons? I am having a New Years Day Party for about 20 people. What amounts do i need to do this. If frozen and ready to cook, 5 pounds is plenty for 20 people. Have a wealthy New year! Also read the planning and shopping for holiday dinners, in the holiday cooking section at the top of Big Pots. Ellen, I am having a bridal shower and don't know what and how much to feed everyone.

Generally when I throw parties it is for Football games and I always end up getting too much food. It is a lovely meal and would be great for this party. Has all the quantities listed. I have volunteer kitchen staff of about people.

I'm cooking at an Elks Lodge certified kitchen. How much food should I order from the food rep. Order places on Tues Jan 29, Please help!! I'm not sure what you mean by making an initial estimate? I have 2 cooks besides myself and 6 people to prep. The Elks Lodge supply all the serving,dishwashing clean up people. I don't have to worry about that aspect.

I would be happy to pay for any advice you give me concerning the ordering part. You may contact me via email at mapleleaf vtc. I can't help you on how many people will want gumbo versus Jambalaya, and I can't tell if you know that both these are usually served over white rice, with soft Italian style bread on the side, or if you know that red beans are usually an entree over white rice, with sausage; dirty rice is a typical cajun side rice, but would not usually be served with gumbo, for example.

Salad and usually a vegetable would also be served. If you can tell me HOW MANY servings of each dish you want, I can try to help you; but I can't take the responsibility of doing your shopping list when the total needs are so unclear. Hi, How much chili and chicken noodle soup would it take to feed people. If roasting a hog for about people, how large of a hog would you need? It is much simpler, and usually safer, to do fresh hams and shoulders. This will be prior to their sit down meal provided by someone else.

They will be standing in a reception line and also having pictures made during this time as well. They have asked for a hot drink or some kind, and an asst of other items. Can you help me with quantity and perhaps ideas?

I do appreciate you taking the time to do this. My son is a senior this year and my last chance to do something spectacular for he and his high school classmates. You want to avoid wet or drippy. If oven space is available, add one hot hors d'oevre, such as mini quiches, bruschetta or spanakopita.

Ellen, Can you please tell me how many whole chickens will be needed to make chicken salad to serve guests?? Also I would like to know how much fresh fruit such as strawberries, grapes, pineapples, oranges would be needed as well for the same amount.

There is a very extensive list of other fruits giving quanitities so you can exchange. Two pounds whole chicken makes 1 pound chicken meat, which is 2 cups. On the sandwich event page and the plan for page you will find guidelines on amounts of chicken salad for in various events reception, luncheon, sandwiches, etc. Using your prefered recipe, figure out how many cups you need to make the required amount, convert to pounds, then to pounds whole chickens. Basically, though, 1 pound whole chicken makes 1 cup chicken meat.

I'm trying to figure the cost of the ingredients. I know she'll use cake mix and make buttercream icing. How much cakemix and icing ingredients will she need? Costs depend on how large a cake, real butter, whetheher r she has to buy pans or assembly supports or decorating tips probably and many other considerations.

I am having a simple menu of chicken drumettes, Ziti, tossed salad and dinner rolls. I was wondering how much food I should purchase? Hope it marks the start of a satisfying time in your life. We are planning a baby shower and expecting about 60 people. We would like to make a tray with ham and cheese so they can make there own sandwich using mini croissants. How much should we purchase?

Have a healthy baby! Maybe 3 flavors made into small scoops. With 3 or 4 topping plus whip cream, nuts and a cherry. They don't want a cake and I thought on a hot July day this sounded fun.

Add some really good cookies and wafers. The amounts depend on whether people have eaten a meal before they come? For timely service, to let everyone sit down at more or less the same time, it is typical to have one two sided self-service line same both sides for each people. Here are some things that speed the lines: I cooked about lbs with ham shank. I make 8 pounds per people. It is mostly slices that are not quite perfect enough for deliuxe packaging.

It comes in a vacuum sealed bag, about 3 pounds per bag. For amounts, see the breakfast planning page breakfast meats section. How much of each kind of fruit do we need for people? Just buy enough to have one serving for each persin and mix and you will have enough for all.

We are doing a baby shower after supper? How much cheese and meat salami do we need? Can you help me. How much cabbage, etc.

Kathryn, you need 20 pounds of cabbage, that is 20 regular heads. You just multiply everything else in the recipe by Do be sure to thaw in the refrigerator. I am planning a grad party for people and am serving pasta salad,shredded chicken and BBQ pork sandwiches,fruit,relishes, cheesey potatoes,chips,how much do I need of each? Thank You, Shelia bobshe80 dishmail. Make a list and post it and I will check it for you.

Also see the rice recipes for BJ, brisket is a fatty meat that shrinks, I allow 1 pound raw for each 2 adult people. Amy, allow 2 mini burritos as appetizer-level, then you want 1 pound ready to eat beef for each people PLUS 1 pound ready to eat chicken for each people.

People eat more, and some of each, when there are multiple entrees. If you add rice and beans, you can use the lesser amounts of meat and they are easy for this size group- one electric raoster of each- see the borracho bean recipe in beans for I am catering a Graduation Party for approx, people.

How much of each would I need. Your potato salad, mac salad are covered on the plan for list. The three meat mix for self service is harder to estimate, I would do leg quarters cut up, hamburgers and skip the hot dogs. Or do vegetarian dogs for the non-meat eaters in the group- in a group that size there will be some. Hamburger condiments are covered on the sandwich event page. Beer drinkers tend to drink 3 cans each over about 2 hours.

For 5 hours you need to add about 2 more cans per person. These days a lot of people add a couple of cases of bottled water, especially for summer functions. He needs ingredient amounts for Chicken sausage Gumbo and rice to serve soilders and locals. Can you help me? I always make my gumbos from a stock based on simmered picnics or hams and most Louisiana sausages have pork- this is out for followers of Islam. I have been to all these sights. Was trying to help him with quantities: Like how many chickens would he need, how much rue, etc.

The rice is about pounds raw for each persons. Do you know what recipe he plans to use? Or at least I would like to get an idea how much I should buy of the main ingredients. I have a recipe I was going to try to expand to fit the need for a graduation party.

The amounts are just about right for 60 people. We will be serving BBQ Chicken halves. We want to serve snaps and potatoes with a homemade taste to it. We are selling 1, tickets. How much potatoes, seasoning, etc does it take for boiled or stewed, buttered potatoes. How many cans of snaps and how to season to make taste homecooked? We'll need tea quantities too. We'll also need a lot of prayers. We have never done such a task. Don't know how much can be done the night before and how to store the potatoes so they won't turn dark.

We can go with can snaps but do not want canned potatoes. We also need a lot of prayers. Read the wedding dinner article for help with planning. Allow pounds potatoes per Baked seasoned wedges dipped in oil and seasoned flour and sprinkled with paprika for color are a simple way to do popular potatoes that will hold, can be done ahead and reheated and don't turn colors.

For generous beans, you want 6 10 cans per , for modest portions on served plates, you need 4. See this great recipe for something a little different: Have sweetened and unsweetened. The pink stuff is the least expensive artificial sweetener. Adding a served dessert dump cake or cobbler would be my plan is a way to make the meal memorable.

Where will you prepare this? Have you checked on temp health permits? Some states require them for events this big.

Have you checked on single event insurance? If someone claims a bad effect from the food, your group could be closed down by a suit; the insurance can probably be handled by whoever does the insurance for your league.

Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges Picture: Potato wedges tossed with seasonings and oil and baked Yield: Scrub potatoes and rinse under cold water. Cut potatoes into wedges or thin steak fries about wedges per potato. Using a large mixing bowl, toss potatoes in oil. In a small bowl, mix dry ingredients thoroughly.

Pour over potatoes and toss to coat. Preheat oven to degrees. Bake for 10 minutes, stir and loosen, then bake an additional minutes, or until potatoes test done with a fork. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Can garnish with a sprinkle of Parmesan or chopped parsley. How much of each should I buy? Peaches would be a much better choice. Band BBQ to kick off the new year. We have band students and family members attending. Tea is on the beverage page; plan 2 pounds ice per person PLUS 40 pounds per cooler.

Condiments per are on the sandwich event page quantity table. If it is self serve, you will need about 6 ounces. For a side dish, about 8 pounds per , or 6 pounds for I'm expecting about 20 people. How much per person?? For the meats, 5 ounces cooked ready to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat ham per person, which is 2 pounds raw boneless beef for each 4 people, PLUS 2 pound heat and eat ham for 7 people.

Mashed potatoes, I make 35 pounds of potatoes for , so you would want about 28 pounds. We are making taco salad for a church function.

It is going to consist of chips, beef, cheese, veggies, sour cream and salsa. I am in charge of the veggie part. How many heads of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions do you think I will need to purchase for people?

Check it and get 7 times the amounts of veggies. Thank you so much for your help! This is a great website!! All of my chicken drummette recipes go by pieces not pounds, I need help figuring out how many pounds to buy.

By the way, this site is great. I will be using it quite a bit in the near future. I like to allow 6 pieces per person, 4 is kind of a minimum. You want about 3 ounces ready to eat per person. You need about 25 pounds potatoes total and about 2 pounds raw boneless beef for each 3 men it shrinks. Is there a recipe for chili to serve 30 ounce servings? Basically meaty chilis start out with about half the total desired amount in raw meat, which is a pint, which is a pound.

I will be serving the community a thanksgiving dinner. How much cabbage do I need to buy? You need about 20 pounds per people. Cabbage shrinks after it is shredded. You need about 5 pounds which is about 1. Our church is planning a community Thanksgiving dinner and I need to knnow the following amounts of food: See the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots.

If it is after work, you need at least double that; people try to have dinner at these functions. I'm hosting an event with approximately 30 people. MJK, that is already on site- see the plan for page. There will be around people there so I need to know how much brisket, sausage, german potatos will I need to feed this crowd.

You need to tell the time of day, what else is served, and the beverages- alcohol makes a difference. The candy is the main dessert. Also out of the 50 are kids. See the other one. Sauerkraut is under vegetables in plan for you need the larger amount. Potatoes Au Gratin for people? How many potatoes do I need? My daughters having a birthday party and we are expectng 50, 13 year old girls. The party is from We are having pizza, chips and dip.

I already ordered the cake. How many people does a bag of chips feed? How many pizzas would you recommend? Ypu might add some fruit trays- popular and healthy. I need to know how much of the following I will need for appetizers. Party hours will be 7: I am sure you are planning other foods, as you need 8 or more selections for this size group, especially for a long party.

I am having a buffet birthday party for my son but we have a big family. I am making roast beef and then cutting it down for sandwiches. How much Roast Beef will I need? Is 25lb about what I need? I am also have hot dogs for the kids. I am having 22 kids. I rented a Hot dog Roller. How many hot dogs do you think I should buy?

I am sure some adults will eat hot dogs too. I brought a Full Sheet cake for dessert and was thinking of a Pretzel tray too It is for this Sunday! Get 45 hotdogs, but cook only half to start. See the sandwich event page for condiment ray for and use half. Some of the men will certainly eat more than the ladies. I need to be fully prepared but also not have tons of food left over either. I need to know the quantities to have available. Having some amount of leftovers will be fine but not a lot.

This is something we are having to plan quickly and with as much ease as possible. Also wanted to say that the 6 children that are attending are old enough that they will most likely eat on the adult level with the amount of food. There is a great table for sandwich condiments on the sandwich event page- you would sub bbq sauce for ketchup.

You would want just a half of the amount for When you post a list I will check it for you. How many pounds of beef and how many pounds of chicken should I buy. You need different amounts for chicken pieces, quarters or breasts? For buffet entrees I aim for 5 ounces rwady to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat chicken per person. I don't run out. I am planning a student function and expecting approx. Breakfast foods will be served.

A correction to my posting. We are expecting approx. Ad some kind of protein- yogurts, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, to your menu if you expect them to pay attention all morning. There are lots of reasons, but one important one is that the paid caterer is legally liable for ANYTHING that goes wrong at an event; incorrect storage and transport, food poisoning, injury to workers or guests, unhappy results with the customer refusing to pay, etc; you need event insurance for this.

Also, there are very stiff regulations in most states, such as yo can't prepare the food at your house unless it is a licensed commercial kitchen.