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His independent laboratory develops chemical technologies and studies exceptional organisms that survive conditions considered pathological to humans. Simple Healthy 5-Ingredient Dinner Recipes. This research proposes to change the current approach to understanding the molecular basis of memory. She will be presented with an individual achievement honor at a dinner in New York on June Paul Eels , legendary voice of the University of Arkansas who broadcast Hogs games for three decades, died after being involved in a car accident.

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Recently, an elegant technique was developed allowing for unprecedented control and specificity in mapping the molecular and cellular properties of neural circuits. Some of the most burning questions in the neurobiology of pain, affect and addiction lend themselves particularly well to the implementation of optogenetic neural modulation techniques, yet these still require drastic miniaturization of circuits, power and light sources for full implementation in diverse neuroscience applications.

Enhancer Therapy Grant ID: Current efforts are to determine the biochemical and biological roles of sequence- specific transcription factors and their associated co-regulators at gene-specific and genome-wide scales. This research project will use a combination of biochemical, cellular and genetic model systems are used, incorporating macrophage-specific knockouts, microarray technologies, massively parallel sequencing and bioinformatics approaches, to unravel the contributions of specific factors to the development of specialized macrophage functions in immunity and the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases.

One of the primary focus areas of our research is working to integrate physiologically relevant sensory feedback with prosthetic limbs. To this end we employ a variety of approaches that interweave disciplines such as electrophysiology, psychophysics, biomedical engineering and cognition. Our research team is composed of an interconnected and communicative network of clinicians, engineers, and scientists.

This helps us to provide pathways from basic science discoveries that can be used to address clinical needs with transition directly to patient care. Pulmonary infections by microorganisms, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, are annually responsible for the morbidity and mortality of millions of immunocompromised individuals worldwide.

Despite the availability of drugs that successfully eradicate these pathogens in vitro , they are far less successful in vivo.

Due to the challenges of working in situ , most studies of infectious disease agents IDA are conventionally performed with representative isolates and imperfect disease models in the laboratory; by necessity, they are highly reductionist. Very few direct measurements of the physiological state of drug-tolerant populations in the host exist, and little is known about which metabolic pathways are actually at play, much less how they change over time in response to co-evolving conditions within the lung.

We will tackle this critical knowledge gap using an approach inspired by geobiology. Geobiologists are experienced in studying the growth and metabolism of microbial populations in poorly accessible natural habitats by combining molecular biology and stable isotope geochemistry. We propose to study IDA within infected lungs using these tools, with the goal of defining the composition, growth rate and metabolism of the microbial community at different stages in disease progression with high spatial resolution.

The onset of distant metastasis marks the stage of cancer progression where the disease is no longer considered curable. Currently, clinicians are unable to determine when metastases have occurred until the cells have colonized one or more distal sites and often affected the function of the effected organ. We propose an early detection system based on developing an implant that would recruit metastatic cancer cells and a sensor to identify when these cells have colonized the implant.

Recruiting the metastatic cancer cells would initially function to reduce the burden of circulating tumor cells and limit their colonization in other tissues. Investigating the design of implants that recruit metastatic cancer cells is expected to further define the biology of the pre-metastatic niche.

Taken together, the development of an implant to recruit metastatic cells and a non-invasive technology to monitor growth could transform current clinical approaches to cancer treatment. With nearly 15 million units of red blood cells RBCs transfused to about 5 million patients in the U.

During hypothermic storage, a significant fraction of stored RBCs becomes irreparably damaged and the storage medium accumulates known mediators of toxicity as byproducts of RBC metabolism and degradation. The goal of this project is to develop technology for high-throughput removal of irreparably damaged cells and toxic mediators accumulating in the storage medium from RBC units during the transfusion process.

In this project, we will systematically explore the design of smart nanobjects able to transduce molecular level sensing of indicators of health status a. Our results will lay groundwork for broadly applicable families of theranostic providing therapy upon diagnostics devices that would be able to autonomously monitor and correct disease states. All mRNA molecules are subject to posttranscriptional gene regulation PTGR by hundreds of RNA-binding proteins RBPs involving sequence-dependent modulation of splicing, cleavage and polyadenylation, editing, transport, stability, and translation.

The major goal of this application is to identify and characterize the interaction network of mRNA-binding transport and shuttling proteins at the sequence, structural, and functional level and to establish theoretical and experimental models that relate these features to RNA transport processes and PTGR. Our approach involves deep sequencing methodologies suitable for broadly mapping interaction sites between RBPs and their RNA targets in human cells, followed by integrated annotation of binding sites on transcripts across libraries via a probabilistic graphical modeling approach to identify prevalent states reflecting particular site configurations.

As computed interaction models emerge, these will be studied by biophysical and structural methods using natural, as well as designed RNA recognition element representing RNA ligands together with their respective recombinant proteins. We anticipate the identification of numerous important regulatory regions in mRNAs, as well as uncover mRNAs and RBPs particularly vulnerable to mutation and deregulation in disease states.

The role of the innate immune system in aging and AD has received limited study and is poorly understood. This is due in part to confusion regarding microglial cells and how they relate to the peripheral innate immune system. This advance presents a unique opportunity to determine the functions and dysfunctions of innate immune cells in brain aging and the development of AD.

We will study the innate immune system both in animal models and aging human subjects and in human postmortem tissue. The existing health care system requires an individual to visit a health care facility to conduct point-in-time tests to monitor even the most basic health status markers, which can miss fluctuations in body chemistries that are vital to accurate diagnoses, particularly in high-risk populations.

Continuous multi-chemistry health sensors have the potential to dramatically change health care by paving the way for decentralization of health care delivery and shifting the focus away from reactive treatment to preventative maintenance. We propose to transform current testing paradigms by developing highly miniaturized, injectable, sensors for continuous and simultaneous monitoring of multiple body chemistries.

Sensor molecules that glow somewhat like fireflies when they come in contact with certain biomarkers are embedded into specially engineered tissue-like biomaterials. The sensor molecules are embedded in soft, tissue-like biomaterials that become part of the tissue in which they are injected, and do not cause the typical foreign body rejection response.

The sensors are injected under the skin and monitored optically using a miniaturized, wireless, Band-Aid-like reader for continuous measurement or a hand-held wand for periodic self-measurement, depending on the clinical need.

The data may be viewed via cell phone or at a remote location, allowing the individual, physician, or other care providers to access medical data without the need for in-person examination until a critical threshold is met.

The research project will develop a systematic in vivo discovery approach for identification of critical genes and pathways that limit the anti-tumor activity of cytotoxic T cells.

Our hypothesis is that shRNAs which target critical inhibitors in dysfunctional T cells can reprogram them to undergo substantial expansion in tumors. T cells will be genetically modified with shRNAs and then transferred into tumor-bearing mice so that enrichment of particular shRNAs within tumors can be quantified. This in vivo approach will also be used to address a second related problem in oncology, the identification of combination therapies that act in a highly synergistic manner on defined cellular pathways.

The therapeutic activity of these human T cells will be tested in a xenotransplant mouse model on human melanomas, as a key step towards translation of our discoveries into the clinic. Figure describes a device that can manipulate small model nematodes worms in fluidic micro-channels.

Populations of worms are treated with different drug compounds and then monitored for health of their entire nervous system at ultra-high speeds. This device will enable the discovery of new drugs to delay or prevent the progression of neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Neural activity is recorded from channels distributed across two microelectrode arrays implanted in the premotor and primary cortex. Data are decoded in real time to control the cursor. Image shows a sirtuin enzyme catalyzing the removal of a protein modification lysine succinylation from metabolic enzymes.

This activity is required for the malignant growth of cancer cells. Small molecule inhibitors of the desuccinylation process may be a novel way to treat cancer. Image shows a schematic of genes being modified from bacteria, and then inserted into human immune cells. Image shows microscopic circuits that will enable monitoring of the brain's electrical activity using magnetic imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

Following injection into brains, the microdevices shown in green will convert neuronal voltage signals into tiny magnetic fields shown in dashed blue lines that will be detectable by MRI. Some of these memory T cells migrate into peripheral tissues, including skin, lung, and gastrointestinal tract, and become resident long-lived memory T cells TRM that protect against infection. Figure illustrates the key components of an innovative and non-pharmacologic treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD that combines cognitive and physical exercises.

Part of the figure shows a child sitting at a classroom computer and doing one of the cognitive exercises. A second part of the figure shows a group of children engaged together in a group physical exercise in the gym that requires ball skills, concentration and memory. Last part of the figure shows a brain. Color-coded reconstruction of three pyramidal neurons in the mouse brain. There are a number of axons making synapses on the beige neuron.

Synapses are the sites of communication between neurons. Small, round particles, on the order of 10 microns, can be mixed with stem cells of the same approximate size to form aggregates of the cells and materials. As stem cells secrete growth factors, the entrapped particles can capture the secreted molecules.

The aggregates can then be disrupted in order to retrieve the particles, now loaded with the stem cell-derived factors. The stem cell factor-laden particles can then be injected at different sites of disease or injury in adult mammals in order to promote tissue repair and regeneration. Image displays a high-resolution, high magnification electron micrograph of mitochondria isolated from heart.

For high sensitivity and specificity in tumor detection, this system is equipped with 4 input channels, shown in 4 panels: Image shows a mesenchymal stem cell MSC on the bottom of the figure transferring red-dye labeled pieces of RNA into a target neuronal cell blue arrow.

African trypanosomes are blood-borne parasites that use their surface coat as a decoy to trick the immune system into making long-lasting antibody responses. Image shows trypanosomes surrounded by immune cells B cells. Trypanosome coats will be modified shown in the middle panel to trick the immune system into making therapeutic antibodies against disease-associated targets inserted epitope, shown in the right panel. Spina bifida is shown on the left, in magnetic resonance imaging MRI , showing the open spine and exposed spinal nerves arrow.

This and other Neural tube defects NTDs are due to a complex interaction of genetic predisposition and environmental factors, including the addition of methyl groups to DNA. A major source of methyl groups is the vitamin, folic acid.

Such maps from patients with spina bifida will be compared with healthy controls to determine which genes are under- or over- methylated in affected patients and could contribute to their risk of having an NTD. Structure of a Membrane Protein in a Lipid Membrane: Direct Conversion of Fibroblasts into Neurons: Microbes that cause disease are becoming resistant to antibiotics faster than we can find new ones, making many common infections untreatable and life threatening.

Innovative approaches are urgently needed to speed up the discovery of new anti-infectives. This project aims to achieve a paradigm shift in antimicrobial drug discovery by finding next generation anti-infectives that prevent disease by blocking pathogen adaptation to host physiology. Rather than simply preventing bacteria from growing, these new sophisticated drugs will prevent disease by interfering with a microbe's ability to interact with the human body.

The findings will help to identify drugs that cure otherwise lethal infections. A current paradigm in biology is that basal cells present in the epithelial lining of some organs never come into contact with the inner luminal side of the organ. They will take this work one step further and create new model systems to determine the 3-D relationships and functions of different epithelial cell types as the basal cells detect and respond to various drugs, hormones, chemicals and pathogens that appear in the cavity of the organ.

A better understanding of how these novel basal cells communicate with adjacent cells will help define disease mechanisms and suggest new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for male infertility, and diseases of the lung, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD and cystic fibrosis CF. High-throughput assays are indispensable for comprehensive functional proteome research.

To accelerate research in this field, new protein capture tools for the detection and identification of specific proteins are needed. The reagents must be stable to thermal and proteolytic degradation, have high affinity, be easy to produce and present low cross-reactivity. This proposal presents an innovative approach for screening and selecting a new class of highly stable protein capture reagents and developing a new versatile approach for ligand immobilization that together enable rapid production of cyclotide-based microarrays for proteomics research.

These technologies have the potential to accelerate science discovery and to realize the diagnostic and prognostic benefits of clinical proteomics. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been associated with many diseases, including neurogegeneration, diabetes and cancer, although its exact role in the development of these diseases remains controversial.

This proposal tests the paradigm-shifting hypothesis that mitochondrial-derived proteins MPDs play a previously unappreciated role in the regulation of cellular and organismal function, and that disregulation of MDPs is important in disease development.

Understanding the role of MPDs may lead to development of new therapeutic and diagnostic targets. This project aims to develop a revolutionary screening platform that will allow for the rapid isolation of hundreds of high affinity and specificity synthetic ligands for proteins in a highly parallel fashion. The identification of large numbers of protein ligands is a high priority for biomedical research.

Such ligands could be employed as reagents to construct tools for the discovery of diagnostically useful disease biomarkers. They could also serve as drug leads for a variety of therapeutically interesting targets. Because the ligands will be peptoids, which can be easily synthesized in large quantities by research laboratories lacking specialized organic chemistry skills, the ligands will be more widely accessible to the research community than would be most other classes of protein binding-molecules.

The use of RNA interference RNAi based gene silencing holds great promise as a clinical therapy for many diseases, but such applications face many hurdles including reliable methods for delivery to target tissues and organs.

The investigators have developed a novel microparticle technology for oral RNAi delivery to macrophages in living animals and demonstrated in vivo gene silencing and amelioration of inflammation. They now propose to develop this method as a clinical strategy for treating a number of important diseases in which macrophage-mediated inflammation plays a role including type 1 and 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Most of our current understanding of signal transduction pathways relies on solution biochemical analyses of protein interactions and on bulk measurement of select pathways averaged over large cell populations. This is a proposal to establish a new paradigm for the study of cellular signal transduction that combines biosensor design and live cell imaging to produce a transformative approach to studying cellular signal transduction and decision processes.

These advances promise a breakthrough in our ability to probe complex, spatially and temporally organized signaling processes in cell models of normal and diseased physiology.

A fundamental property of the brain is that our experiences cause modifications in the number and strength of the connections among neurons. These changes, which are thought to underlie memory and cognition, require the precise control of the synthesis of specific proteins at the sites of these connections. The mechanisms governing this local synthesis of synaptic proteins are poorly understood, although it is known that disruption of this process has severe consequences.

This defect is thought to be responsible for Fragile-X syndrome, the most common inherited form of mental retardation. This proposal describes a method that can provide individual reporters of the regulation of protein synthesis for each gene in the genome, and can identify the regulatory mechanisms controlling each one.

The work will be conducted in Drosophila although the high degree of conservation of gene regulatory mechanisms and function, is it likely that much of what we learn will be transferable to humans. The success of artemisinin-based combination therapies in combating Plasmodium falciparum malaria has inspired calls for the eradication of this devastating parasitic disease. However, new reports of emerging artemisinin resistance, and the absence of alternative first-line drugs, highlight an urgent need for new control methods.

Exploiting the dependency of fatty acid synthesis by liver stage parasites, they will develop fatty acid synthesis-deficient, genetically-attenuated parasite vaccines that arrest in the liver, causing a host immune response that protects against infectious challenge. In addition, they will target parasite synthesis as well as salvage of host fatty acids, as a means to develop novel prophylactic and curative medicines that can prevent and control this widespread and devastating disease.

A tremendous gap exists between available culture and animal models and methods that can extract detailed information on cell-cell communication networks governing system responses to perturbations, such as an inflammatory cue. Networks inherently operate in a complex, interlinked fashion, and often exhibit non-intuitive outcomes from intervention at a particular point in the network, as evidenced by failure of many targeted therapeutics to operate in the clinical setting after promising results in currently- available preclinical trials.

The goal of this project is transform our ability to probe cell-cell communication networks in human cell systems via linking systems biology with tissue engineering.

Development of new methods that do not rely on genetic manipulation of the cell populations will generate valuable information about systems operation. A central paradigm of medical genetics is that the phenotype of a deletion syndrome results from the disruption of the deleted genes themselves. In direct contradiction to this dogma is the idea that genetic diseases can be caused or modified by changes in physical, long-range interactions that normally occur between loci that are now deleted and genes that are far from the deleted region when plotted on a linear genetic map.

In some cancers and genetic diseases, long range associations between genes are lost because a part of a chromosome becomes deleted. By examining the network of long range interactions among genes, we will learn how diseases are caused by the change in the expression of many genes which become abnormally regulated when the interactions are lost.

This project seeks to address the mechanisms underlying the integrity of tissues, networks of interacting cells and matrices. The project will determine how cells come together to form tissues, and test the hypothesis that tissue integrity results from the integration of information that arises from the dynamic interactions between the different cell types and the matrices that bind these cells together.

Using the filtration barrier of the kidney cortex as a model system, the researchers will apply a combination of mathematical models and engineering approaches to develop a 3-D tissue assembly to study this phenomenon. These studies will identify general design principles for assembling functional tissues that can aid in understanding disease processes and for screening for new drugs. The detection of proteins is fundamental to essentially all biomedical research. Current strategies to detect proteins include techniques such as Western blotting and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays.

Currently, there are no techniques that permit the levels of endogenously expressed proteins to be monitored in real time in living cells. The sensors will be used to monitor protein expression in cells in real time.

The experiments will result in powerful new tools for protein detection that will markedly enhance and expand biomedical research. More than 30 million Americans suffer from unrelieved chronic pain, such as nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain.

Although a considerable amount is known about how chronic pain is induced, little is known about how acute pain naturally resolves. Current management of chronic pain mainly focuses on two types of drugs, ones that treat pain symptoms by blocking neurotransmission and those that modify disease progression by suppressing neuroinflammation. This project employs a novel approach for chronic pain therapy using newly uncovered endogenous pro-resolving lipid mediators.

The project will investigate whether and how these mediators can prevent and reverse neuropathic pain after nerve injury. The results from the proposed studies are likely to transform and positively impact on the entire pain community, from acute postoperative pain to chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Protein-capture reagents are indispensable for delineating the molecular mechanisms of diseases, to detect and characterize cellular abnormalities, and to characterize biological effects of drugs.

However, the current paucity of high-quality protein-capture reagents presents a major bottleneck in virtually all areas of biomedical sciences. This project will establish a totally new approach to facile generation of detection reagents that are high performance, easy to produce and easily made available to the research community.

This innovative and powerful technology will fill a major void in the currently available molecular tools and will have a major impact on virtually all areas of molecular biomedical sciences, diagnosis and drug development. The adult human intestine performs essential roles in physiologic homeostasis including digestion, nutrient absorption, secretion of hormones, and immune functions. Diseases of the intestine, such as inflammatory bowel diseases, infection, malabsorptive states and neoplasia, are a considerable source of human morbidity and mortality.

Human primary intestinal culture is essentially not utilized as an experimental tool because primary tissue types lack appropriate in vitro culture methods. To meet this need, this project proposes to employ an innovative approach to enable the primary culture of three-dimensional 3-D human intestinal tissue, which is currently not possible.

The ability to reproducibly culture 3-D tissues outside of the body will enable scientists to test new hypotheses and models of physiology and disease, to develop high-throughput screens of pharmaceutical targets, and to enable the expansion of cells for regenerative medicine therapies.

Hepatocyte transplantation has been reported as a possible therapeutic approach for liver disease; however, transplantation has been directed at the liver itself, limiting efficacy in patients with end-stage liver diseases, when cirrhosis and fibrosis are common. This proposal will demonstrate that the generation of an ectopic liver within lymph nodes is an efficient method to restore hepatic function, highlighting the novel use of this organ as a site for hepatocyte transplantation. The project addresses some of the hurdles confronting the development of complex 3-D tissue models, and provides a new paradigm for tissue modeling, by using lymph nodes as in vivo bioreactors to grow tissue or organ substitutes.

Nitric Oxide NO is an essential signaling molecule for diverse physiological and disease processes. While the regulation of NO flux has focused primarily on the study of the three NO synthases NOS , their respective genetic deficiencies exhibit relatively modest phenotypes, which has led to difficulties in dissecting the specific cellular contributions to NO in different disease processes.

This project will study a new way that NO production may be regulated in the body by the chemical argininosuccinate lyase ASL which may control the production of arginine needed for NO production. The investigators will determine whether inhibiting ASL is the most effective way for controlling NO production in diseases affecting the brain, heart, and pancreas.

The Hydroxylprolylproteome Grant ID: Posttranslational modifications of proteins play important roles in many signal transduction pathways, although the full extent to which these modifications impact cell function is not known. Recent studies have highlighted a key role for a distinctive modification, prolyl hydroxylation, in the hypoxic response. This project seeks to develop novel capture reagents for a posttranslational modification, prolyl hydroxylation, that plays a central role in the oxygen- regulated turnover of Hypoxia Inducible Factor.

The long term goal will be to employ these reagents to determine the extent to which prolyl hydroxylation regulates the cellular hypoxic response, and to characterize changes in the hydroxylprolylproteome in response to differing oxygen concentrations. These studies will have implications for understanding diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, and cancer that are characterized by hypoxia. Infectious disease is often untreatable, even when caused by a pathogen that is not resistant to antibiotics.

This paradox could be explained by the fact that microbial populations produce persisters, dormant cells that are not mutants, but phenotypic variants of the wild type that are tolerant to antibiotics. The project will test the hypothesis that the agent responsible for untreatable infections is a super-persister cell which carries a high-persister mutation and has induced stress responses. Mutants of the pathogens are able to enter into a state of dormancy highly tolerant to existing antibiotics.

The findings are likely to change the way we view infectious diseases and provide rational approaches for discovering drugs that completely eradicate the infection. Until recently, small RNAs have been thought to function mainly as the mediators of an evolutionally conserved gene silencing mechanism known as RNAi. This application will establish a new paradigm of gene regulation mediated by small RNA that targets gene promoter sequence to induce potent and prolonged gene activation at the transcriptional level and in a sequence-specific manner, a phenomenon termed RNAa.

Despite the enormous potential for reprogramming gene expression in living cells, the molecular mechanism of RNAa is largely unknown and the rules for target selection are still quite obscure. Understanding the mechanism of RNAa will provide new insight to many physiological and diseases processes, may provide a tool to interrogate gene function and study their involvement in diseases, and may be a promising surrogate for traditional gene therapy for many diseases especially cancer.

Novel protein capture and detection reagents are required to understand comprehensively the interplay of the proteome in basic biological processes and in human health and disease.

These reagents need to have high affinity and specificity for particular protein targets, and they need to be easily created and produced, and be amenable to modification and immobilization for high throughput analysis of proteins. This project seeks to transform an existing technology to facilitate and streamline identification of novel capture reagents for human proteins and to incorporate these new reagents in assays that can accommodate simultaneous analysis of many proteins.

This project will not only develop new technology and assays that enable analysis of human proteins critical in human health and disease, but also generate the novel reagents that can be used for therapy. Many diseases strike humans without obvious cause and, despite intense research, their etiology remains idiopathic.

For example, it is likely that some idiopathic or autoimmune conditions or even cancers may be attributable to infectious agents even if conventional research avenues favor other mechanisms. The proposal will test the hypothesis that viral pathogens constitute the inciting events in aplastic anemia or other immune-mediated cytopenias, challenging the traditional understanding of autoimmunity in these specific conditions. Games three and four will be carried by NBCSN while any of the potential final three games will run on the broadcast network.

Production highlights are set to include an updated broadcast open celebrating the greatest players and moments from the NBA Finals; I-MOVIX cameras presenting slow motion replays; 36 high-definition video cameras; and the use of eight Super Slo Mo cameras. Jenny Dell , NESN reporter whose role was significantly reduced in January when she let it be known she was romantically involved with Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks , is leaving the network. Coverage includes the June 4th documentary, "California Chrome: Coverage of the Belmont Stakes begin at 2: The year veteran who played his entire career with the New York Giants, announced his retirement in January.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sager and his family during this difficult time. He also hosts a weekly coaches radio show on WADI NBC had broadcast the tournament since Hall of Fame broadcaster and ASA member Milo Hamilton was behind the microphone to provide the call for this monumental event in baseball history: That is ball is gonna be-eee … Outta here!

Brian Billick will not be returning to Fox Sports after the network decided not to offer the NFL analyst an extension to his expiring contract. Mary Carillo agreed to a three-year contract extension with the Tennis Channel through Carillo originally joined Tennis Channel in The first episode will debut on Tuesday, March 18 at 7p and feature Orel Hershiser. Mike Schmidt it returning to the Phillies, where he will join Comcast SportsNet as a member of the club's broadcast team for 13 Sunday home games in Schmidt will work as an analyst alongside play by play man Tom McCarthy for Sundays with Schmidt broadcasts this season.

Curt Schilling , ESPN baseball analyst who announced last week that he has cancer, underwent surgery and is recovering, according to his daughter, Gabby. The year-old has not divulged what type of cancer he has. Schilling, who pitched in the majors for 20 seasons, was recently added to the "Sunday Night Baseball"announcing team, replacing Orel Hershiser. The network reports that As for the Pepsi Halftime Show, The four-time Super Bowl champion flew back to Louisiana to be with his family during this difficult time.

He will serve as curling analyst for NBC Olympics' coverage. In her first interview since deciding to withdraw from the Sochi Olympics, Vonn appeared on Today this morning to talk about her role at the network and give an update on her training and rehabilitation before talking about how athletes prepare physically and mentally for the Games. Facing stiff competition from the Grammys, the game averaged a 3. I think the players played much harder. According to the official release from the BBWAA, the Board of Directors also decided to remove Le Batard's membership for one year, for "transferring his Hall of Fame ballot to an entity that has not earned voting status.

Michaels has also covered numerous Olympics including his unforgettable broadcast in of the United States' hockey team's gold-medal run at the Lake Placid Games when he made the memorable call of "Do you believe in miracles? Bob Wolff , the longest running broadcaster in television and radio history, celebrated his 93rd birthday on November Brian Wheeler , ASA member and Portland Trail Blazers radio play-by-play announcer, had his broadcasting streak of 1, consecutive games snapped on November 15 when he missed his first game a win against the Celtics in Boston in his year career with the Blazers due to illness.

Last week the Blazers announced that Wheeler would not be accompanying the team on their four-game road trip with stops in Boston, Toronto, Brooklyn and Milwaukee. Raftery said he will call somewhere between games this season for Fox Sports 1. I prefer to skip it. The Titans ended up winning by an even larger margin, Kellogg was a studio analyst for 16 years before replacing Billy Packer on game telecasts. He called his first Final Four in Although the move to CBSSN would give the show national exposure, the content, which has a New York flavor, might need to be changed to appeal to a wider audience.

Marty Brennaman , Hall of Fame broadcaster, has agreed to a three-year contract extension with the Cincinnati Reds to continue as their play-by-play announcer on Radio Network through the season. Brennaman, 71, has been the radio voice of the Reds since joining the team in Frick Award in Next year will mark his 50th as a baseball broadcaster. The fast-paced, upbeat sports talk show features sports superstar guests who share real-life stories.

I look forward to continuing to offer compelling stories and informative interviews for our ever-expanding audience with some of the biggest names in sports. The former co-host of WFAN's "Mike and the Mad Dog" will host a weekday television show and appear on other programs the network produces. Russo will also continue to do his "Mad Dog Unleashed" show on SiriusXM, as he recently inked a new three-year deal with the satellite radio provider.

Bob Robertson , voice of Washington State University football for 46 years, has announced he will be stepping down effective immediately. Bud Nameck , WSU's basketball voice and football sideline reporter and part-time analyst, will be taking his place.

WSU athletic director Bill Moos called it a mutual decision. Robertson will continue to work the pregame and postgame as well as halftime shows. Socci will replace the legendary Gil Santos , who retired following the AFC Championship game in January after 36 seasons as the voice of the Patriots.

Socci has called Navy Football for the last 16 years and had a short stint with the minor league Pawtucket Red Sox before getting the call for the Patriots gig. Just last week, the network acquired the rights to the U. The award will recognize the strength and courage Roberts has displayed throughout her life and career, overcoming life-threatening illnesses twice. Actually, I was praying myself. There was very little you could add. This will be the last on ESPN, which has aired the tournament since The Big East basketball schools, including St.

This will be Ashby's second stint in the broadcast booth for the Astros, previously working the radio side. Ashby will primarily do color for the Astros, but he's expected to do some play-by-play as Brown, 65, is reducing his play-by-play duties to about games. The bulk of the ABC show turned into a celebration of her return as she's recovering from MDS, a blood and bone marrow disease. Leigh Diffey has joined NBC Sports as the lead play by play announcer for the network s auto racing coverage.

She is a graduate of Arizona State University. The passing of longtime Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss has sent shockwaves throughout the City of Angels. Best known in his playing days for his devastating forkball, the right-handed pitcher and five-time All-Star will forever be known to Blue Jays fans as the first game winner in club history 21 wins and for propelling his team into the playoffs for the first of their back-to-back World Series Championships in and Morris retired in and has spent time as a color analyst for the Minnesota Twins and as well as a guest on Detroit Tigers broadcasts.

Louis resident, paid tribute to the late Stan Musial during a two-hour mass outside Busch Stadium on Saturday, January 26th. Stanley Frank Musial made a name for himself as one of baseball's best hitters of all time on the field, as well as one of its greatest, most dignified ambassadors off it. And now "Stan the Man" is gone. Musial died at his Ladue, Missouri, home surrounded by family, the Cardinals said in a statement.

Croix County Court in Wisconsin, 30 miles east of Minneapolis. John Andariese , longtime New York Knicks TV and radio announcer, was honored with the fifth annual Dick McGuire Knickerbocker Legacy Award , given by the family of the Hall of Fame player and team employee to a person who "exudes the qualities of what it means to be a Knickerbocker.

I completely understand how the issue of race in sports is a sensitive one and needs to be handled with great care. This past Thursday I failed to do that. The failure was in how I chose to discuss it on First Take, and in doing so, turned a productive conversation into a negative one.

Perhaps most importantly, the attention my words have brought to one of the best and brightest stars in all of sports is an unintended and troubling result. As I reflect on this and move forward, I will take the time to consider how I can continue to tackle difficult, important topics in a much more thoughtful manner. Larry Merchant , longtime boxing Analyst for HBO Sports, stated that he is retiring from ringside as of Saturday December 15th, when he will work his last fight.

Yankee Global Enterprises would retain a significant minority stake. Plesac was considered a frontrunner from the moment Brenly announced he was returning to the Arizona Diamondbacks to work a reduced schedule on Fox Sports Arizona and national games for Fox Sports. The show, which debuts earlier than any other Sunday NFL pregame show at 7 a. Chitwood steps into the spot vacated by J. Many great quotes are attributed to the man, one of the most fondly remembered of which had nothing to do with football.

In , as American hostages were freed from Iran and baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn offered them lifetime passes to major league games, Cook asked: Alex Karras , former defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, actor in movies and TV as well as the third-ever analyst on Monday Night Football, died on October 10 at the age of Karras had recently suffered kidney failure and been diagnosed with dementia. And was being cared for at home.

Karras was considered one of the best players in Lions history having played from Karras stayed with MNF through the season. Karras also had a number of movie and TV roles. Frick Award , presented annually for excellence in baseball broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for full story see News. ESPN Radio lined up its announcers for the coming playoffs, which marks its 15th consecutive season as the exclusive national home of the Major League Baseball postseason.

NFL Films President Steve Sabol , half of the father-son team that revolutionized sports broadcasting and mythologized pro football into the country's favorite sport, died Tuesday from brain cancer.

For full story see In Memoriam Allen Pinkett , Notre Dame football radio analyst, will not broadcast the Irish's game on Saturday, Sept 1st, against Navy in Dublin, Ireland, because of the controversial comments he made during a recent radio interview.

They would have two or three guys that were criminals. That just adds to the chemistry of the team. I think Notre Dame is growing because maybe they have some guys that are doing something worthy of a suspension, which creates an edge on the football team. You get your butt kicked if you have a team full of choir boys. You gotta have a little bit of edge, but the coach has to be the dictator and ultimate ruler. Musburger, 73, remains one of the most visible play-by-play announcers on broadcast television.

CBS Sports announced its NFL broadcast pairings for the season, with the only change from last year being the elimination of the No. With the NFL having Thursday night games all season long, the Sunday afternoon carriers, including Fox, need no more than seven broadcast teams on any given week. Vincent Coughlin and Chris Paizis both 21, will work the home games while David Rind , 22, will broadcast games on the road. LeRoy Neiman , who stood alone among contemporary artists in capturing the color, spectacle and excitement of the world of sports, died one June 20, Fusselle, a sportscaster for over 40 years, most recently was the play-by-play voice of the Brooklyn Cyclones, a Class A minor league affiliate of the New York Mets.

ESPN's audience has nearly doubled since May , up to 1. Roberts announced Monday morning that she has myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, which used to be known as preleukemia.

She says her doctors have told her she has a great chance to be cured of the serious medical condition, but that she will miss time on the show as she undergoes treatment. She will now begin a pre-treatment of chemotherapy in advance of a bone marrow transplant later this year.

She says that while bone marrow donors are scarce, particularly for African-American women, she is fortunate to have a sister who is an excellent match.

Roberts has been on "Good Morning America" for a decade, most recently teamed with George Stephanopoulos as co-anchor. On a day some of her bone marrow was extracted for testing, Roberts learned she had landed an interview with President Barack Obama where the president revealed his support for gay marriage. Beadle is reportedly negotiating a deal with the network, but nothing has been finalized yet. Dom Valentino , longtime sportscaster, died on April 17, , after a bout with prostate cancer.

Steve Fredericks , well-known sports talk show host, died on April 7, , after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The year-old shows no sign of slowing down as he just signed a two-year contract extension with News 12 where he has been since the station launched in NBC previously aired the Breeders' Cup from to Both are longtime ASA members who have given so much of their time and effort over the years in support of the organization and its many endeavors, and we wish them nothing but the best on their road to recovery.

Tim McCarver , an All-Star catcher who discovered a second career as a folksy announcer known for explaining the game in exacting detail, won the Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence on Wednesday. Frick Award , presented annually for excellence in baseball broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Vitale, a New Jersey native, got his start coaching high school basketball at East Rutherford and Garfield before moving on to college ball at Rutgers.

For full story see Articles In a poll recently conducted by the American Sportscasters Association , its members questioned why sportscasters are not involved in the National Baseball Hall of Fame voting process.

For full story see News. The and seasons will see Miller reach 40 years as "The Voice of the Kings. Vin Scully , ASA Hall of Famer and legendary Voice of the Dodgers, has announced he will be returning for the season, marking an unheard of 63rd year with the team. Scully surprised listeners with good news during the August 26th contest between the Dodgers and Rockies. I asked him, 'One more year at least? Kenny is also looking for a boxing gig and HBO and Showtime have shown interest.

Open champion joined the network this summer at Wimbledon. Former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan , a Cy Young Award winner who became a television announcer and top executive with the club, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

For full story, see News Howard Eskin , longtime ASA member and sports talk radio pioneer, has decided to step down as host of his daily radio show on WIP in Philadelphia after 25 years effective Sept.

He said he will remain at the station in a different capacity as well as pursue other opportunities. He will make his regular-season "Monday Night Countdown" debut Sept. The show, which debates topics based on fans' suggestions, also will feature Steve Young, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who threw 85 touchdown passes to Rice. Nolan and stands in the plaza below Harry the K's restaurant in the left field corner of the ballpark.

Scott, 36, was to be arraigned on second degree rape charges but in a plea agreement, was allowed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge. Scott left television last year to work as a full-time sports medicine doctor. Arlin described what he was seeing on the field to those beyond the ballpark as he spoke into a converted telephone from a seat behind home plate at Forbes Field as the Pirates defeated the Phillies, July 2nd marked the 90th anniversary of the first sports broadcast in New York.

No longer will American tennis fans have to search for Wimbledon matches on TV. All England Club officials achieved their goal of having the entire tournament televised live and by the same company in the U. The network will broadcast eight regular-season games starting Nov. In an effort to raise money for this disease, Carrino, 40, has launched the Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD, which is a genetic muscle wasting disease effecting both children and adults in a variety of ways.

Kiner was part of the original broadcasting team along with Lindsey Nelson and Bob Murphy when the Mets started play in Bob Wolff , the longest running broadcaster in television and radio history, has authored a new book entitled, The Complete Guide to Sportscasting. Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame third baseman and former Orioles color commentator, was hospitalized after developing a fever and infection before a scheduled outpatient surgery at Greater Baltimore Medical Center on March A release from Robinson stated that his doctors chose to fight the infection and he is responding well to antibiotics.

House of Representatives in recognition of his charitable work and support of the youth in his hometown of Washington, DC. This acquisition represents the largest and most significant collection of sports broadcasts in America. The station also announced it will be giving him a contract extension. Cantor also has a daily radio program that can be heard in over stations in the U. Are you the next Chicago Cubs announcer?

The Cubs announced a contest giving fans a chance to become their next public address announcer at Wrigley Field. The current PA announcer Paul Friedman is leaving the organization to "pursue a new job opportunity" that would keep him from working day games at Wrigley. Fans can submit their audio or video applications to http: Finalists will be selected by March 14, and the winner will be selected March Tommy Hutton , ASA member and Florida Marlins announcer, is celebrating his 30th year in broadcasting and 47th year overall in baseball.

ESPN announced its new lineups for its baseball telecasts. Commissioner Bud Selig made the long—anticipated announcement on Saturday, Feb. Johnson's caddie, Bobby Brown , had the wrong tee time for the opening round, leading to a two-stroke penalty. Brown said Gray approached Johnson on his way to the 14th tee to ask him why he was late to the tee.

As Johnson was signing his card, Brown told Gray that the middle of the round was not the time to be asking such a question. Anything else is a disservice," Golf Channel spokesman Dan Higgins said in a statement. Fans can share their stories and vote for their favorites at honorarybatgirl.

Darryl Strawberry is not even making that much money. Valentine said the new position will not interfere with his baseball analyst duties at ESPN Ron Franklin has filed a lawsuit against ESPN for wrongful termination after the company dismissed Franklin, who had been with the company for 25 years, on Jan. Please contact the ASA if interested. Frick Award, presented annually by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for excellence in baseball broadcasting.

He had also been battling emphysema in recent years and suffered a stroke in Meredith led the Cowboys to NFL title games in and , losing both contests to the Packers, before abruptly retiring at age 31 in He retired in , one year after Cosell left the team.

Hershiser worked on "Sunday Night Baseball" last season; Valentine, a former player and manager who served as an analyst on ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" last season, joins the booth for the first time. The team replaces Jon Miller and Joe Morgan , whose contracts were not renewed after last season.

Miller and Morgan had been the voices of "Sunday Night Baseball" for 21 seasons. For full story see news Hall of Fame announcer Dave Niehaus , the lead voice for the Seattle Mariners since their inception, died Wednesday, November 10, For veteran analyst Tim McCarver , marks the 21st year he will be providing color commentary for a World Series, a streak that might be impossible to ever match. He is also approaching his 2,th broadcast as the play-by-play radio voice of the Sacramento Kings.

Sports on September 5. Sugar has written over 75 books, mostly on boxing, and was the editor of Ring Magazine and Boxing Illustrated. Aside from his boxing notoriety, Sugar is also known in the baseball world for his Sports Collectors Bible , a comprehensive reference guide for baseball card enthusiasts, which he first published over 35 years ago.

He will serve as a reporter on 20 Kings games this season, as well as cover special Kings events and conduct interviews with high profile figures around the world to be aired on Kings broadcasts.

ASA President Lou Schwartz was also on hand for the festivities and to show support for Miller For Miller's speech and photos from the event see News George Steinbrenner , whose thirst for winning gained him infamy as Yankees owner, died Tuesday, July 13, the team confirmed, after suffering a massive heart attack at his Tampa home.

He was 80 years old. With his contract set to expire in January, Clark said he went to station management and said it was time to go.

They offered to negotiate a new deal, but he, with the support of his family, made the decision to step away. This was my decision," he said. Brown called games on television and radio from and He was at the microphone in when the White Sox clinched the AL West title to reach the postseason for the first time since Longtime Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell , beloved by generations of fans who grew up listening to his rich voice, Southern cadence and quirky phrases on the radio, has died after a months-long battle with cancer.

See In Memoriam for full story Hall of Fame boxing referee Arthur Mercante , the third man in the ring for the first Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali fight and more than a hundred other world title bouts, died Saturday. The cause of death wasn't disclosed. Sports broadcasting and cable pioneer, Chester R.

For full story see News ASA Board member Jon Miller , who has spent parts of five decades as the voice of five major league baseball teams, was selected Monday, February 1, as the recipient of the Ford C. He was 70 years old. Then in it grew into the first nationally syndicated sports highlights show, eventually airing in markets across the country and in 10 foreign countries. It was a trendsetting program, gaining its footing in the days before ESPN and cable television were widely available.

Mazer,89, who hosted the first call-in sports show in on NBC Radio, admitted that his hearing has started to falter which prompted him to hang up his headphones. She also won for Outstanding Feature Reporting. A son of late Braves broadcaster Skip Caray and a grandson of famed broadcaster Harry Caray , Chip had called first-round playoff games for TBS during the past three seasons. Pomeroy said no replacement has been picked. Bob Sheppard has no intentions of returning to his longtime job as the public address announcer at Yankee Stadium, MLB.

The seven-time major championship winner also celebrated his 80th birthday on Sept. For more info see News Jerry Remy is working in the Boston Red Sox broadcast booth for the first time in more than three months. It was widely speculated that Scully would retire at the end of this season when his contract was up. Lee plans to be back for the start of the regular season which starts in late August. Louis rams' radio broadcasts.

Farr will be the in-game color analyst this season while Hanifan will be the pre-and post-game analyst. He is joined by Krystal Fernandez. Steve White and Brandon Guzio have taken over the midday spot. Detroit Tigers radio broadcaster Dan Dickerson is taking some time off to have surgery following a jogging accident and will be replaced by John Keating. Mary Carillo, and Max Kellerman. Ken Stabler will not return as radio analyst on niversity of Alabama football broadcasts.

Stabler had been on leave since being arrested on a D. Retired sportscaster Les Keiter died in Hawaii at age 89 after a long illness. Harry Kalas became the third person to ever have a public viewing in a baseball stadium. He was 82 years old. BAT helps former major league players who are in financial trouble. The former NBA star was arrested Dec. Steve Bartelstein , the weekend news anchor, is expected to also do the sports on his newscasts. Sutton is rejoining the Atlanta Braves radio broadcast team.

For the time being, Baltimore Sun sports columnist Peter Schmuck will fill some of the talk hours. Turner Sports is celebrating 25 years of covering the NBA.

Scully was recently voted No. Santos will continue as the voice of the New England patriots. Joe Starkey has retired as the voice of the San Francisco 49ers and will be replaced by Ted Robinson. Starkey will continue as the voice of the University of California's college football team. Barnett will continue his college football and basketball duties at ESPN. Tony Kubek has been awarded the Ford C. Tim Neverett will replace the recently retired Lanny Frattare in the Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasting booth.

Neverett worked for FSN Rocky Mountain as a pre-and post-game studio host and part-time play-by-play announcer for Colorado Rockies telecasts.

John Gordon has signed a two-year contract extension to continue as radio play-by-play man for the Minnesota Twins. The Baltimore Orioles have announced that Gary Thorne will be returning as their TV play-by-play voice next season and Amber Theoharis will return as the in-game reporter. Lanny Frattare has retired as the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates after a career that spanned over three decades. Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh have signed long-term contract renewals to continue to broadcast Dallas Stars hockey through the season.

Dick Lynch , who starred at cornerback for the New York Giants during their glory years in the late s and early s and was a longtime radio analyst for the team, has died. Steve Stone will move over from the radio booth to be the color analyst on Chicago White Sox telecasts next season, replacing Darren Jackson. Bob Wolff , one of the most honored and longest-running sportscasters in the nation, received the Curt Gowdy Media Award from the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame during their annual induction ceremonies on September 5 in Springfield, Mass.

Jason is replacing Pat Foley , who is returning to work Chicago Blackhawks games after two seasons away. CBS Television and the Southeastern Conference have agreed on a year contract extension to continue broadcasting football and basketball games.

Darren Goldwater is the new radio voice of The Citadel college football games. Peck replaces Howard Simon. Louis will not be renewing the contracts of their morning hosts, Joe DeNiro and Brian McKenna , but the station will allow them to remain indefinitely. Skip Caray , a voice of the Atlanta Braves for 33 years and part of a family line of baseball broadcasters that included ASA Hall of Famer Harry Caray, died in his sleep at home on Sunday, the team said.

Bobby Murcer , a five-time All-Star outfielder who spent nearly four decades with the New York Yankees as a player, executive and announcer, has died. The Yankees said Murcer died Saturday, June 12, due to complications from brain cancer. He was surrounded by family at Mercy Hospital in his hometown of Oklahoma City, the team said. Papa is also the radio voice of the New York Giants. Louis, has been fired in a cost-cutting move. Barry Melrose , who has been a studio hockey analyst for ESPN for 12 years, is leaving the network to become the head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

North and the station could not agree on new contract terms. Charlie Jones , the deep-voiced sportscaster whose career as a play-by-play announcer dated to the beginning of the American Football League in , has died. Yet he may best be remembered for that grim day at the Munich Olympics when he broke the news with three simple words: The Bulls will honor Kerr for his longtime service with the team with a sculpture that will be on display at the United Center. Paul, will leave the station when his contract is up in October.

Louis beginning May 27 in early afternoons. Dimino is leaving the St. FSN West broadcaster Bill MacDonald is recovering from prostate cancer surgery and will be off the air for approximately six weeks. His legendary career in Boston included broadcasting games for all four professional sports teams and the Harvard-Yale football game.

Reynolds also works for MLB. Bryant Gumbel has left his broadcasting position at the NFL network. For full story see News Legendary University of Georgia football broadcaster Larry Munson had successful surgery on April 4th to remove blood clots on his brain. Munson is expected to make a full recovery and plans to be the primary UGA p-b-p announcer in Anyone wishing to send Larry best wishes can at: Box , Athens, GA.

Lobel joined the station in as a weekend sports anchor and took over the weekday position two year later. Darren Smith , the afternoon co-host at XX Sports radio in San Diego, has signed a multi-year contract extension to continue on the station. An emotional Dick Vitale , in his fourth time being nominated for enshrinement into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, was one of seven selected Monday, April 7, to the class of Campbell was the radio analyst for the series previously.

When Brent Musberger broadcast the Cubs vs. After leaving TV, Mr. Callaghan worked for the Massachusetts state government in a variety of positions. ESPN has announced that their baseball analyst, Rick Sutcliffe , has been diagnosed with a treatable form of colon cancer and will miss several months of the upcoming baseball season while he undergoes surgery and chemotherapy.

Scott Russell and Diana Swain will host the morning coverage and Ian Hanomansing will host late-night coverage. Holley joined WEEI in For the first time since , there won't be a Buck in a St. Louis Cardinals broadcast booth this year. ASA Lifetime Member Joe Buck , who had been doing the play-by-play for a few Redbirds games on FSN Midwest in recent seasons, has decided not to return in order to enjoy himself at the ballpark in a nonworking capacity.

Former All-Pro wide receiver Cris Carter will replace him. Best wishes to Bobby Murcer who will be undergoing a biopsy to see if he has had a recurrence of brain cancer. Myron Cope spoke in a language and with a voice never before heard in a broadcast booth, yet a loving Pittsburgh understood him perfectly during an unprecedented 35 years as a Steelers announcer. The screechy-voiced Cope, a writer by trade and an announcer by accident whose colorful catch phrases and twirling Terrible Towel became nationally known symbols of the Steelers, died Wednesday at age Niehaus, a fixture in the Seattle Mariners' booth since they entered the American League as an expansion franchise in , was named the winner of the Ford C.

Charlie Slowes has resigned to return to the Washington Nationals radio booth as lead announcer for He rejoins Dave Jageler who signed a new deal earlier in the off-season.

David Cone has been hired by the New York Yankees as a baseball analyst. Cone will work from games split between the studio and the booth. After undergoing throat surgery Dec. Low vitamin B 12 vitamin B 12 deficiency. Using metformin for long periods of time may cause a decrease in the amount of vitamin B 12 in your blood. Your doctor may do blood tests to check your levels. Tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

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