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I would definitely recommend this to someone serious about losing weight. I opened it to find loose cans all over the inside of the box, and I have yet to find a can that was not dented, luckily none busted open! There are even eye drops that contain it to aid glaucoma treatment. If you think that provacyl can help you get a better life, you can learn more about it here. Provacyl Side Effects This is something we look at closely. But I tried it out of desperation. And also for my wife.

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I ordered four cases and they shipped all four in one box, the box was on my porch half falling apart I opened it to find loose cans all over the inside of the box, and I have yet to find a can that was not dented, luckily none busted open! Buy these in store, or maybe try ordering one case at a time, as they are not well protected while shipped. I'd have given 3 maybe 4 stars if my box did not look like this, which I blame both Walmart and the shipper, there could have been more protection in the box, and they could have split the order into two boxes.

WilliamE, August 18, The flavor is nice but this flavor also has that old style chalky taste. The Chocolate Royale flavor is much better. Make sure you chill these cans before drinking, just like they instruct.

It helps to get rid of that chalky taste but not in this flavor, unfortunately. Also note the relatively high amount of Carbohydrates! These are definitely not for someone who has to watch Glucose intake such as diabetics.

The Equate brand of "Weight Loss Shakes" aren't really a good choice for weight loss because of the high amount of Carbohydrates, especially the Sugar content. A lot of the Sugar content is from Fructose, and you can read all the warnings online about Fructose.

You're better off just having Sugar! And if you're trying to lose weight you really don't want that much Sugar to begin with. These Equate shakes are more for someone who needs to drink a quick meal in a can. They give you a basic nutritional meal. The only way you lose weight by drinking these is by not eating anything else. Had to lose it with diet only. I was going to use slim fast, but noticed the equate ultra weight loss shakes at a much better bargain so I gave it a try.

The taste is great, like nice and thick Nd creamy chocolate milk. I had 80 pounds to lose, but could only do it with diet as I have lower back problems and really had no exercise regime I could do. Even after giving birth, not enough research has been done about the effects on breastfeeding. To stay on the safe side, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking this supplement. Basically, the dosage will be different depending on what brand of pure forskolin extract you buy.

Always read the instructions carefully to figure out the exact recommended dosage. Taking this supplement once daily will provide results. Here are two scientific studies that have been done on the effect that the extract has on weight loss. This was a double-blind and randomized study. It was conducted by Henderson and a group of researchers that he worked with.

The study involved 23 participants, all of them were overweight women. The women were divided into two groups: The other group took placebo pills.

This study went on for 3 months 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks was over, the results showed that neither groups lost weight. However, the first group taking the extract showed that it prevented weight gain.

No side effects were recorded during this study. Read it in full here. This was also a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. It was led by Godard and his colleagues. This study involved 30 participants, all of them were obese men.

Again, the participants were divided into two groups: After the study was over, it was recorded that the first group had an increase in their lean muscle mass, along with increased testosterone levels, increased bone mass, and even a reduction in their overall fat percentage and fat mass.

The other group experienced none of these benefits. This study proved that it could indeed be used as an agent to control and manage weight loss in overweight men. This one can be found here.

You can buy it in many stores and most health food stores, and also online. When buying this supplement, quality is very important. I love chocolate, so that's the only flavor I've purchased. It tastes sooooo good and there's no bad after taste!!!! It's definitely best to drink it cold. This morning, I was feeling pretty hungry stomach was growling. Then, I drank a shake and my hungry subsided for several hours; so it really works for curbing an appetite!

Most importantly, the price is right. SweetNavy, April 11, A Win-Win in my book I'd been drinking Slim Fast for awhile and I'm sooo glad I decided to try the Equate version because I think it tastes better. I like to throw mine up in the freezer for just a bit to get it just slightly frozen.

It tastes just like a frosty at Wendy's or like soft chocolate ice cream that way. A win-win in my book. Tofreelyroam, August 29, Soo rich and smooth. Definitely for chocolate lovers. I Bought these because of the ratings on taste.

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