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Soil Use and Management. I always use it as a full "bar" and for good reason. A must for any one interested in getting professional results. You take it home and store it for a short while expecting to consume it, but end up finding a percentage has spoiled easily within days to a week, having to throw out part or all of that purchase. Click here for the Nomination Form. Our Organic Garden Kit products produce top quality plants!

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When calling to confirm your benefits, reference the CPT codes , and the Diagnosis code Z All fertilizers plants need are included.

Beneficial soil bacteria and soil fungi are also included. Destructive insects and plant diseases are not attracted to these plants. Weeds will not grow in nutrient dense soils treated with BioMinerals with Microbe Tea.

Top quality produce will not rot, it will dehydrate. After 4 frosts, tomatoes were harvested from one Early Girl Plant. The green tomatoes ripened in weeks at room temperature. They were also 10 brix.

None of the tomatoes spoiled. Tomatoes on right have been stored 14 months at room temperature. They are starting to fade from their dark red color and are part of the original tomatoes shown above. After more than six months of storage at room temperature, nature continued on its course and all the seeds sprouted in many of these Early Girl tomatoes.

These high brix tomatoes were not decomposing. They were still sweet and delicious. Note the tomato right of center with a plant growing out of the tomato. High Brix Broccoli 12 brix - very sweet! Four Broccoli plants were grown in two square feet and were ready to harvest in 45 days after transplant Note: Talking about tomatoes grown with our Organic Garden Kit.

Watch this movie and see what can be done with ordinary tomato plants sold in stores across the USA. The growers are growing food that is low in nutrient value and quality. Some of the food spoils or is eaten up by insects and diseases right there on the farm and is thrown out or recycled back into the soil. The food that is harvested is crated up and shipped to food distributors. The food distributor throws out some of the food that has spoiled by the time they receive it.

The food distributor supplies a number of stores and the stores throw out some of the food that spoils before they can put it on the shelf for the public to purchase.

You, the consumer go to the store and purchase what looks good to you, passing over what is already spoiling since it was put out! You take it home and store it for a short while expecting to consume it, but end up finding a percentage has spoiled easily within days to a week, having to throw out part or all of that purchase. Our Organic Garden Kit allows nutrient packed high quality food to be grown which doesn't spoil after it is harvested.

It isn't eaten up by bugs and disease organisms. They don't bother this food. Top quality food doesn't spoil on the farm. It doesn't spoil on its way to the food distributor. It doesn't spoil on its way to the various stores. And it doesn't spoil after the consumer purchases it. High quality food has much higher levels of nutrients present than the food that spoils so readily. With low quality food we experience declining health and with high quality food we experience improved health.

This is the ultimate goal we all seek through the consumption of high quality food: The problem is you can not buy this quality level of food in the stores! But we have solved that problem and high quality food can now easily be grown using our Organic Garden Kit.

What is the significance of what we are doing? We are Changing the Way the World Grows, literally. The kit will support a 1, sq ft garden for 16 applications. If you have larger areas, call us or email us for a quote about how much is going to be required for your growing area. We can accommodate larger growing areas by resizing the Organic Garden Kit components. Our Organic Garden Kit products produce top quality plants!

Most of these products are used to grow high brix plants which are high in plant nutrients mineral and vitamin content. People interested in these products are back yard gardeners, farmers, farm crop management, flower growers, home and garden supply companies, house plant growers, landscape companies,. Those interested in bettering their diets and health use our products to grow highly nutritious foods. The application of these products supports agriculture soil in general but has many specific applications on this web site for.

Numerous pictures are present in a variety of exhibits. Contained in these Organic Garden Kit products are soil life forms that are often found in some compost tea brewing kits but are much more effective in our. Organisms like, Mycorrhiza fungi endomycorrhiza fungi and ectomycorrhiza fungi , nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorous solubilizing bacteria, and bacteria that are beneficial organisms found in our BioVam product.

Nitrogen fixing bacteria, cellulose eating trichoderma fungi, and many beneficial soil organisms are found in our Microbe Tea Brewing Kits. Organic Garden Kits Resource Calculator For best results, always express your garden square footage in increments of , , , , , , , etc.

If your garden square footage is square feet or less, purchase the 1 gallon brewer version of the Organic Garden Kit. If your garden square footage is above square feet and less than or equal to square feet, purchase the 5 gallon brewer version of the Organic Garden Kit.

Enter your Garden's Square Footage and the number of weeks in your growing season. Click the "Calculate" button. If you get no errors, then the product quantities will be calculated. Weeks or number of brewing sessions in your Growing Season:

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