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Unless you go to school in a small town, peer support organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Eating Disorders Anonymous will likely have groups in your community. For those with spiritual beliefs, churches and other religious organizations might be another good option, since pastors and other spiritual leaders generally offer counseling to followers who want or need it. Even without dental insurance affordable dental care can be found — if you know where to look.

Some free and charitable clinics provide reduced-cost dental services, including check-ups, x-ray and basic repairs. To help train dental students, dental schools normally recruit volunteer patients.

Sometimes clinical trials are held that offer treatment for rare or more serious conditions, including those that require surgery. Most of this dental treatment is free, and student patients are more than welcome.

Faculty members will always be on hand to monitor the proceedings, so if you go this route, you can be sure the services you receive will be safe and appropriate. High-quality, budget-friendly child care is not easy to find.

Shortages and waiting lists for child care establishments are all too common. But while your situation may be difficult, it is far from hopeless. If you are a college student with children, there is help available that can cut your costs and improve your chances of success.

The government has three programs that offer financial aid to people—including college students—who need help paying for child care services. You may also be fortunate enough to attend a school that offers on-campus child care at a reduced rate. Cost breaks for low-income students are sometimes offered by on-campus providers, so check to see what the policies are at your school.

All 50 states plus Washington, D. C offer financial assistance to parents who need help paying for day care, as well as other important child-related expenses. If you are attending school and working at the same time, the government may help you get quality child care at a discount. In many locations, funds for child care support are limited and waiting lists are long.

With respect to this last standard, some states will accept applications from full-time students with minor children. Others will require you to have a part-time job.

Successful applicants will be issued child care vouchers or Electronic Benefit Transfer EBT cards that they can pass on to child care providers. These vouchers or EBT cards will cover part of your expenses for day care and other related services.

However, unless your income is extremely low, you will have to pay for part of the costs yourself. A sliding scale is used to determine co-pays.

The discounts you will receive can be fairly substantial. Child care assistance programs are run through county social services offices. You should be able to print an application online, and then submit it electronically, by mail or in person. An interview with a social worker will usually be required before your application can be approved. This can be in-person or over the telephone.

If you are working, studying and raising your children at the same time, you could be a legitimate candidate for TANF payments. TANF is run exclusively by the states, and each state has differing requirements for eligibility. The qualifications for TANF are tougher to meet than most other low-income government programs, regardless of where you apply. TANF is strictly for families with children under the age of In most places, it is hard to get help if your income is higher than this.

Regardless of your income, you still have to be working—at least half-time, if not more, depending on the specifics of your situation. Vocational training is the only type of education that counts against this limit. In general, this makes the TANF program more appropriate for students attending technical school instead of college.

But there is no guarantee on this. Larger amounts are occasionally granted in states with more generous policies. TANF is essentially an emergency fund. The time limit for receiving TANF is months, depending on where you live. County social services offices process TANF applications. Find TANF help in your state. The Head Start program prepares kids for school while also helping them with their social, emotional and physical development.

Head Start offers a pre-school experience with child care, healthcare and welfare services included in the package. Reserved for young children from low-income families, the Head Start program prepares kids for school while also helping them with their social, emotional and physical development. Free health services are offered in Head Start, along with child care services that can last for several hours each day. Openings in Head Start programs are limited. Head Start is not a day care in the traditional sense.

Low income is not the only qualification used to determine if children need special assistance and attention. Income requirements may be waived if your child has a developmental delay or disability.

Early Head Start offers half-day options, while regular Head Start can be half-day or full-day. Pre-school level learning skills are taught as preparation for kindergarten, and children will have plenty of opportunities to play with other kids and make friends. If some kids need special education services, those will be provided as well. Free dental and health check-ups are available through the Head Start program, as is family or parent counseling. Head Start is sometimes run by school systems and sometimes by county social services offices.

Unfortunately, Head Start and Early Head Start spots are limited, so you should try to get your application in as soon as they are accepting applications for the following year. Head Start classes usually begin at the same time that school starts in August or September.

On-campus child care is a convenient choice for student-parents who want to save time and money on transportation, and have their kids close by in case of an emergency. It may or may not be offered at a discount. With on-campus child care, the supply is not enough to meet the demand. So the on-campus option will only work for a few. Apart from budget airlines, sources for cheap airfares include a variety of student-centered travel agencies:.

However, some airlines only grant discounted rates to people under a certain age 26, for example. So some good offers might not be available to older students. The first two airlines are especially cheap if you have no baggage outside of personal items there are fees for all bags, checked or carry-on. Jet Blue and Southwest have somewhat higher fares, but they will let you bring a bag or two on board at no extra charge. In comparison to overall airline prices, this is a very good deal.

Traveling with Amtrak offers some real advantages, especially in comparison to flying. Some of these benefits include:. The Amtrak Student Advantage Card is not a debit or credit card.

In addition to cheaper train travel, the Student Advantage Card can also be used to get price breaks on food, clothing, books, tickets, office supplies and a variety of other products sold by stores, restaurants and companies that have formed partnerships with Amtrak. New discount options have made long-distance bus travel cheaper than ever.

Even Greyhound offers budget-friendly fares these days, if you book ahead of time and online. Discount bus lines like Mega Bus and Bolt Bus are also expanding their services. But their travel networks are still extensive. Since lots of students travel by bus, you should find plenty of routes that serve your campus and the surrounding area. If you live at an off-campus apartment complex that rents to students, buses will probably stop very close by.

To supplement city bus services, colleges usually have free shuttle services that help students get around. Sometimes these shuttles will only serve various campus locations the dorms, the library, sports facilities, etc. However, depending on how many students live off-campus, some shuttles service other areas of the community, too. These rides are often available at nights and on weekends, when regular city buses may not be running.

If you are a student on a limited budget, one of the very best ways to keep your expenses down is to leave your car at home.

Bringing a car to college means extra costs for gas, insurance, maintenance, repair, parking permits and licensing fees. Of course, it may be impossible to live without a car in some circumstances—student-parents will know this firsthand! If you require a car for certain things shopping, going to work, etc.

Bike paths and bike lanes are everywhere on campuses, along with stands for free parking good luck finding free parking on campus if you come in a car! The only downside of bicycles is that you might not be able to use them during inclement weather or winter months. However, they are still the cheapest and healthiest form of transportation you can find besides walking. Tuition, rent, utility and transportation costs are fixed.

But food costs tend to be more flexible, and many students take unfortunate shortcuts in their attempts to save money. Some students even put their health at risk by cutting out meals altogether. Assistance is available if you know where to look. Government programs and private initiatives can help you meet your nutritional needs.

In most cases, there are no barriers preventing you from applying as a member of the community in which you are attending school. Your financial aid award will not count against SNAP income limits. In the eyes of the government, financial aid is reserved for other needs, not for food. Now benefits are provided through Electronic Benefit Transfer EBT debit cards, which are reloaded automatically on a month-to-month basis.

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to provide income information from your parents as well. However, this will not be necessary if you are a non-traditional, independent student age 22 or older.

One bit of good news is that your financial aid award will not count against SNAP income limits. This number will rise depending on how many people in your family are approved to receive benefits.

If you attend an out-of-state school, your EBT card will still work, no matter how far away you move. You may have heard that college students have a hard time getting food stamps. This is commonly reported—and technically true—but misleading.

Their status as students has nothing to do with it. The SNAP qualification standards for college students are not especially strict. In addition to not exceeding the income limits, you must:. SNAP is funded by the federal government, but administered by the states. To receive benefits, you will have to apply through a county social services office.

You can begin the process of applying for SNAP through web portals from state and local governments. If you are 22 or older, you can apply for SNAP benefits independently. Or you could just apply for food stamps together, as a family. It is common for college students with roommates to share meals.

If you live with roommates, you must personally pay for and prepare more than half of your own meals to qualify for SNAP benefits on your own. Otherwise, everyone in the house will have to file a joint application.

Also, be sure to never let anyone else use your EBT card. If you are caught doing this, you would be guilty of fraud and could lose your benefits—permanently. The Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants and Children WIC Program provides good, healthy food to pregnant women, new birth mothers and toddlers who meet the income standards.

If you are a college student, and a mom or a mom-to-be, you can apply for benefits. But every little bit helps, as you work to keep your dream of a better life for yourself and your family alive. County social service agencies distribute checks or vouchers to WIC recipients. The list of eligible foods usually includes milk, eggs, tuna, cheese, whole wheat bread or pasta, brown rice, fortified cereal, various fruits and vegetables, yogurt, peas, lentils, dried beans, infant formulas, infant cereal, baby foods and a few other assorted items with high nutritional value.

You start the application process by contacting your WIC state or local agency. As a mom, you are eligible for WIC for a period of up to six months following childbirth.

Meanwhile, your son or daughter can continue receiving WIC checks or vouchers up to the age of five. However, you will have to re-apply every 12 months to keep the benefits flowing. More than universities and community colleges have opened food pantries in the past few years, and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the near future. Almost every American town has at least one food pantry.

In larger cities and college towns, you can usually find several of these nutritional havens, which are run by churches, non-profit organizations and volunteers from various walks of life. If hunger is an issue for you, food pantry volunteers and staff members will gladly offer you support and assistance—and food, of course.

Food pantries are independent and each is likely to have its own set of rules that determine who is eligible to receive groceries or other supplies.

For example, you might have to provide them with some income documentation, plus a personal testimony to verify the circumstances that brought you to them. More than universities and community colleges have opened pantries in the past few years, and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the near future.

There are many faith-based organizations, shelters and soup kitchens that offer free or low-cost meals at various times throughout the year, or even on a daily basis. The simplest way to find local food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens, is to do a Google search. Given how important computers are for college students these days, you may think you have no choice but to pay top dollar for high-quality computer equipment. Plenty of money-saving opportunities exist for students and others with limited incomes who need quality equipment.

If your school has a free laptop or iPad giveaway program, you will probably be informed about it before you arrive on campus. But it never hurts to ask. In certain colleges, incoming students or students enrolled in certain departments can get new computers for free. Unfortunately, there is no centralized database that can tell you how many universities give away free laptops or iPads. In most cases, free laptops and iPads are given out during student orientation to incoming freshman, or to students who choose certain fields of study.

Schools that give away computers are careful to choose laptops or tablets that are appropriate for college use. Quite a few schools give away MacBooks and mini iPads. Lenovo Thinkpads and Google Chromebooks are popular choices as well. There are no income requirements to participate in this program—if you are in college, or will be soon, you can buy up to two computers each year at a discount, with no questions asked.

Notebooks for Students NFS is a non-profit organization that sells discount laptops to students of any age. They have a large inventory of computers available on their website, along with special offers on software and other valuable computer-related items. If you go to school—any school—Notebook for Students will sell you a good computer at a very good price.

In order to buy a computer from Notebook for Students, you will have to prove you are a student. You can do this by uploading or sending NFS copies of your college enrollment documents. Notebook for Students sells computers produced by four highly-regarded companies: Apple, Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Each laptop includes a four-year warranty and comes with a pre-installed anti-virus program, Windows 7, Open Office, webcam and carrying case. With proof of enrollment in college, you can also get a great deal on the University version of Microsoft Office These iPads come with six-month full warranties for hardware failure and two-year limited warranties for repairs. In order to buy computer equipment from Interconnection.

It runs an online computer store that markets laptops, Macs and PCs to low-income buyers. To make a purchase, you will have to register on the Interconnection. Each computer comes with a month warranty that covers all forms of hardware failure. Used computers are available for sale on Craigslist, Ebay and other online shopping outlets. This option is worth investigating if you already have a good computer, but need to buy a second one as a backup or for part-time use.

However, depending on your course requirements, a used computer may not be the best choice for your only machine. There are no programs that provide cheap Internet exclusively to students. However, there are programs that offer discount Internet services to families with limited incomes. College students are free to apply if they qualify. Most discount programs are targeted at families or individuals with children, but exceptions to this rule do exist.

If you have a child who is eligible for the National School Lunch program, you automatically qualify for a Connect2Compete low-cost Internet package. Through the Connect2Compete initiative, several of the largest telecommunications companies in the country offer low-cost, high-speed Internet service to low-income families with children.

The main purpose of the program is to make sure kids have access to the Internet at home in order to keep up with their schoolwork. College students with children can apply just like anyone else, as long as they meet the program requirements.

Just provide proof your child is enrolled—or could be enrolled—and that is all you will have to do. However, if you are receiving SNAP food stamps , you will automatically qualify for the National School Lunch program and will not have to take any further action. In this case, your actual income would not matter—if you are living or going to school in such a county you would be able to purchase a low-cost Internet package. Some companies require you to pay installation or equipment rental fees; others do not.

For most college students, even 1. If you study in a department that assigns data- or graphic-heavy projects, you may need something better on occasion. But on-campus computer labs can provide access to powerful computers with super-fast Internet connections if and when you need them.

Connect2Compete offers subscribers one more neat bonus. In addition to low-cost Internet, most of the companies who participate in the program will sell you a PC, laptop or tablet at a significantly discounted price.

Better-quality computers at higher but still discounted prices may also be available. You can register for Connect2Compete through a website called EveryoneOn. The list of telecommunications companies that currently offer low-cost Internet through Connect2Compete includes:.

If you wanted to get a Connect2Compete Internet package from the same company you already use, you would have to cancel your service and wait 90 days. Internet Basics is for low-income people without access to affordable Internet services.

College students are free to apply just like everyone else, as long as they can demonstrate real financial need. Internet Basics is available in various locations in 35 states. Requirements for application documents vary from state to state. Please see the website for more details. College students have always complained about the price of textbooks, and with good reason.

University bookstores took advantage of the fact that students had nowhere else to go, using this as an excuse to mark up book prices to unreasonable levels. But circumstances have changed. Thanks to the Internet, much cheaper options for new and used textbooks are now available.

Dozens of online booksellers offer discounted prices to students in need. Students can also rent textbooks or download eBook versions. College bookstores seldom give discounts, so the Internet is your go-to source for cheaper college textbooks. Dozens of virtual bookstores—and thousands of fellow students— will sell you new or used textbooks for less than the cover price. Instead of searching for books yourself, use interactive websites that will perform the search for you.

Like Amazon or eBay, these online marketplace sites exist to connect textbook buyers with sellers, regardless of where they live. They will provide you with quotes and let you comparison shop for the best bargains. There are similar sites around, but these three can put you in contact with an extensive network of booksellers, including online bookstores and other students. The ISBN number is 13 digits long and can be found on the back of a book near the bar code.

When your professors send you the textbook list, ISBN numbers should be included. Enter this information, and the site will generate a list of sellers who are offering that book for sale.

Instead, you will be transferred to the site of the seller so you can purchase the book there. Credit or debit card payments are accepted and your books will be shipped in one or two days. This will make it easy for you to do all the highlighting, book marking and note taking you want, just as you would with a physical book.

E-reading apps are available for PCs, tablets, laptops or mobile devices. EBooks are easier to store and carry around. Check out Book Renter , which has a huge textbook inventory and specializes in book rental.

The routine is the same as for buying. After you enter your textbook information, the website will generate a list of sources that have your book available.

In addition to marketplace sites, you should also check out Book Renter , which has a huge textbook inventory and specializes in book rental. Unlike many book renters, they will allow you to highlight and underline inside your books. Once your semester is over, you can put the book back in the box you received it in, paste on the label and take the package to the post office, a UPS store or a FedEx outlet.

You might have to pay for postage, but if you order several textbooks from the same source, shipping will usually be offered for free. There is a time limit on how long you can keep a book after your semester ends. However, you should be able to resell the book online if you forget to send it back in time.

Besides buying a used book in poor condition your cheapest option is to rent an eBook. For a few weeks or a few months you can have unlimited access to rented eBooks, depending on how long you need them for your class shorter rental periods are cheaper, naturally.

However, there is one online company called Vital Source that specializes in eBook textbook rental. You can rent their eBooks for as long as you need them, along with reading apps customized for laptops, smart phones or iPads. The Vital Source app is designed for full interactivity, meaning you can highlight, underline, book mark, take notes and even share or exchange notes with classmates, instructors or teaching assistants.

Instructors at more than 1, colleges nationwide have subscribed to open-source library websites, and the number increases every day. Open-source textbooks are free, easy to use and always available when you need them. The Pen Factory is the reincarnation of the original Everyman Bistro. Blending refined simplicity and wonderful natural flavours, the Aubaine menu spans from classic mains, to deli….

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La Bastille Restaurant provides authentic, traditional French cuisine with a modern twist in an intimate, roma…. Entertain your palate at Gourmet Bar. Enjoy a range of local and international cuisine, simple yet authentic,…. On the bustling stretch of Glasgow's Argyle Street sits a diminutive blue building, dwarfed by lofty tenements…. Having only opened their doors in October ….

Death by Pizza, not something you hear every day, however, every Wednesday at Suede it is the risk everyone in…. The Kelbourne Saint presents family dining in style with their massive rotisserie - a sight not to be missed! Hummus Bros is about feeding you homemade hummus with mouth-watering toppings, scooped off your own individual….

Hoseasons is part of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals Family and they've been established for over 70 years. Lilu is an Indian Fine Dining restaurant. With Indian fusion menu where you will find such culinary delights a…. Championing fine seasonal ingredients, the Cast Iron Grill menu blends classic flavour combinations with tried…. It all started for Pizzarova in a converted Landrover , roving the streets of small market towns in Somerse….

Sygn is a modern bar kitchen that puts the emphasis on fun. Their bartenders make awesome cocktails and serve…. Talli Joe is a casual, all-day drinking and dining destination on Shaftesbury Avenue, London's latest foodie h…. Their menus, like the seasons that inspire them, change month by month showcasing the very best of what is gro….

A funky, casual eatery Pho specialises in traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soups. The wholesome, varied menu…. Bringing ground-breaking northern Chinese cuisine to one of London's most famous buildings, Hutong is housed o…. Following a grand re-opening, The Grill at The Dorchester offers grill classics in Mayfair, against the backdr…. Nextbike is a public bike sharing system. You can find one of our Bodega is a contemporary cantina bringing fresh, homemade South American inspired cuisine to Birmingham city c….

Their vision is to bring traditional Asian Street food to bellies in Bristol. Taking the familiar lunchtime ch…. Haven believe holidays are made from being the first to see the sea. Eating hot vinegary chips in the salty ai…. Anzu is a Japanese dining room and bar in the newly opened St.

Transporting you to the vibrant heart of Latin America, Las Iguanas presents an eclectic fusion of pan-contine…. Uncomplicated yet delicious Belgian delicacies are served on the Belgo menu. Favourites include parma ham with…. Already making its mark on the Midlands, Peter Pizzeria offers delicious and authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas….

Packed with authentic dishes from both sides of the border, the Chiquito menu captures the essence of all thin…. Created three years ago by a whimsical entrepreneur with a passion for food and a love of story telling and an…. Gillray's serve the best Aberdeen Angus steak sourced from English farms accompanied by the highest quality se…. New Moon Tapas is an independent tapas place in the heart of Clifton. A family run establishment, New Moon Tap….

With a terrace overlooking attractive gardens, the Graffiti Restaurant boasts 2 AA Rosettes and is housed in a…. They proudly source prime local ingredients from the finest growe…. A chic basement dwelling entered via a glass triangle-shaped pod, Australasia brings modern Australian-style c…. Offering authentic dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in both tasting portions and sharing…. This is a true Spanish Bar - that means no reservations! But they have built 14 meters of Bar space so there i….

With plush sofas, a cosy fireplace, and views out onto the tranquil secret garden, Afternoon Tea at The Librar…. Convive is the new and exciting Mediterranean restaurant in North Leeds, on the site of the Weetwood Hall esta…. The main bar serves a menu of Britis…. Hidden behind an unassuming front, Abbey bar and restaurant houses a labyrinth of contemporary dining rooms. A London dining landmark for over 30 years, R.

Hispaniola restaurant ship gives diners classic elegance on t…. A stunning venue for all-day dining, Pointing Dog Clubhouse features chunky wooden furniture, industrial style…. An intimate little hideaway on Fulham Road, Orecchino Italian is an intimate setting to enjoy modern Mediterra…. With a non-alcoholic drinks range, a well-crafted as the booze offering plus plenty of veggie and vegan option….

Housing private cells where once-infamous prisoners were held while awaiting trial, the Jailhouse Bar now serv…. Ham Yard restaurant has a frequently changing menu revolving around the freshest, seasonal ingredients and the…. The centre piece of The Langham, London, the dazzling Palm Court is famed as the place where the tradition of….

At Maramia Cafe in Ladbroke Grove you can experience the delights of authentic home-cooked Palestinian cuisine…. A club, bar and restaurant all under 1 roof, Loop is a fun and buzzy venue, just off Oxford Street. A world of entertainment at your fingertips — from blockbuster movies on Blu-ray and DVD to all your favouri….

Naked Wines is a customer-funded wine business. Their , customers, fund talented, independent winemakers…. With 14 spectacular centres to choose from, you're bound to have an ast…. Over 10 venues nationwide - Book online! Jump behind the wheel of one of our rapid and robust Rally Cars as….

Tailor-made for the adrenaline-junkie or petrol-head enthusiast, Mud Mayhem aims to provide you with a 4x4 off….

Take part in some intense, authentic, Call of Duty-like action as you f…. Experience a truly awe-inspiring and breath-taking adventure as you come i…. Over 20 venues nationwide - Book online! Take your karting skills to one of over 20 off-road tracks as you….

Over 35 venues nationwide - Book online! Your authentic, adrenaline-filled, military experience will see yo….

West Cost Foods bring the finest local Scottish meat and prepare it all in-house. Their award-winning master b…. UK car and van hire online from one of their UK locations. Choose an option to suit you from short term da…. The Treat Kitchen is an independent, modern gourmet confectionery business with sweet shops across the UK. Chiave Concierge is your key to unlock the door of exclusive access to some of the best sporting events in the….

Push a button and see a UK doctor on any device in as little as 6 minutes. Talk to an NHS trained…. Choose from gift hampers specially created for him and for her,with a mouth-watering selection of sweets, trea…. Highly effective skincare products, formulated with the purest, natural ingredients to cleanse, nourish and re….

By cutting out the middle man,…. Fitbit — Their Mission — to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life.

For over 20 years Just Go! Holidays has been specialising in holidays to a wonderful range of destinations bot…. They aim to provide high quality shaving products at a fraction of high street cost, delive….

National Express aim to create a platform for you to go and enjoy your life, whether that be travelling to see…. A warm welcome is guaranteed in this extended Victorian Hotel. Graze combine wholesome ingredients with our favourite flavours to create over exciting snacks. Inspired by the streets of London, our bags are quirky, sophisticated, and edgy. Be inspired by signature effo…. Access over airport lounges worldwide with Priority Pass, whoever you fly with, in whatever class of trav….

At Heist, they start by understanding how bodies move, not just how they look. Considering every design detail…. Unlike other sites where you bid for hotels or yo…. The Savile Row Company is a family-owned company that is dedicated to creating affordable luxury menswear sinc…. Beer52 deliver 8 craft beers, the award-winning Ferment magazine and a tasty snack, with different themes ever…. We only stock products of the highe….

GoNutrition is the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in the market. Founded by Oliver Cookson. Start your holiday in style by booking an airport lounge with Lounge Pass and enjoy the experience of VIP trav…. A great day starts with you feeling your best. At VITL, they know that what one person needs to improve their…. Good habits start at a young age! Inspired by the s Berlin theatre industry, who created high performance, long lasting professional makeup,….

Your experienced tutor will soon have you nosing like an expert as you compare four contrasting malts to disce…. Over venues nationwide - Book online!

With over 45 activities at an ever-growing venues nationwide t….

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