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What The World’s Healthiest Diets Have In Common
Your review was wonderful and very well written, so thank you! I do workout almost everyday, burning around calories per day. This is designed to help you jump-start your weight loss, and includes a selection of foods and shakes for your first week. Enjoying the Oregon Coast pre-weight loss. I run a vx3I- 1.

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Eating 1200 (or fewer) Calories But Can’t Lose Weight? Here’s Why…

I also think that the elimination of cravings and dependency on sugars and processed foods is fantastic. You lost me at cheese, Whole You are also supposed to reset to day 1 if you slip up at ALL. Whole 30 — You should really go to the source, right? You can find the basics and specifics about the program here. Tips for Surviving the Whole 30 — I love this post from my friend Kelli that helps make it accessible. Paleo is about lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies. It eliminates grains, legumes, and dairy, similar to Whole In fact, this diet is so close to Whole 30 that I had to find this blog post to tell me the differences.

The differences are small. With paleo, you must cut out refined sugar, but can have things like raw honey. It also recommends GRASS-FED meats because these are similar to what our ancestors ate , and allows to recreate some of your favorite processed foods while Whole30 advises against that.

As I just mentioned, grass-fed meats are simply not an option on our budget for our sized family. If we want to eat meat, that is. All these diets can be expensive, really. But this requirement kind of puts things over the top. This largely depends on where people lived. Maybe I just like to be contrary?

Precision Nutrition — This post is massive and insane and really great for an overall view. The end question though, is which low-carb diet you should try. Maybe we should go back to eating what I did in high school…which was essentially Diet Dr. How am I alive??? And even this year when I essentially ate nothing for like 10 days after dental surgery more on that later , I lost NO weight. I actually had my thyroid checked.

What kick-started my weight loss was trying Pruvit, the ketones that Rob promotes. But losing ten pounds in a few weeks after changing nothing…THAT says something. I have a few keto recipes coming, but you can start with this one for two-ingredient keto pancakes , which my whole family LOVES. I struggle not to eat the full batch by myself.

Are you a fan of any of these diets? Have your own favorite style of eating? Share in the comments! But I really need to lose 10 pounds.

I actually start on Tuesday, did great for breakfast and then my husband came home and asked me to lunch…at Carrabbas …?? Have you tried intermittent fasting? I did whole30 and found it much harder though very beneficial. This is a great recap. However, Paleo is the most sustainable for me.

But only as long as I can make some Paleo treats! One of my friends use ketones, he has changed since trying keto. He keeps on telling how effective this is. In middle school I lived on lunch meals consisting solely of croissants and a Nutty Buddy.

I gained like 10 lbs. Funny how my mom never believed me when I told her I was eating regular school lunch…. Then in high school senior year was those gardettos chips from the vending machine and a carne Assad burrito. I ate basically one real meal a day…and got crazy skinny. None of it healthy. And still the thing that brings her joy is sitting propped up in the bed that is now her permanent home and baking those Delish pies.

Thanks for the info. And cheers to the effort. My main objective was to rid myself of sugar cravings. I am now in the reintroduction phase. I love cheese, yogurt and other dairy options. I am afraid to reintroduce them as I will probably go back to eating them everyday as I did before. If the Keto diet allows cheese, I may give that a try.

I do feel great after the whole30 though so it was a good experience. My thought is to combine the 3 diets, Keto, Paleo and whole30 as a sort of life-time goal. Quality protein shakes will get you through this. Don't feel bad about doing this.

It is better to eat on the program than cheat. Look for deals on meals. My local Target sold them cheap but lacked in variety. The grocery store also had deals weekly. Don't just look at the diet meals Only do exercise that you enjoy. I also did Just Dance on the Wii. You are supposed to burn calories per week with exercise. Why not do something that brings you pleasure?

I did not use the suggested fat free dressing for salads. Just a small amount of olive oil and vinegar. Add variety with your fruits and veggies. Since this is the only fresh food you will be eating make sure it is good quality and something you love. There are some cons to this diet.

The amount of protein I was eating caused occasional constipation. I just increased my H2O consumption and started taking probiotics. There can be a lack of variety in meals. Sometimes I felt very little pleasure in the food I was eating. But the results made it worth it. If you enjoy sweet stuff, you will like this diet. I am not the biggest fan of sweets and there were some days that the idea of another sweet protein shake made me want to cry.

I guess on Dr. Anderson's Facebook page he does say you can substitute greek yogurt for the shakes. I have never done this but it sounds like a great idea. The Simple Diet is extremely easy to use and was effective for me. Good luck to everyone who tries this. By Shopping Mom on September 15, This book is written in a way that reminds me of when you see one of those "get your free product here" demonstrations at a store. Oh, it lays out that you should have so many shakes and meals and fruits and vegetables, but it does not have a clear list of how to follow it.

I had to dig deep into the book before it gave any listed information and even then it was vague. How do I know the portion size for a vegetable or fruit? How do I know if a shake fits nutritionally into the diet? I think the author purposefully wrote it this way to keep readers confused. I noticed this book is only available at libraries on audio which would be even more confusing which is probably to get more people to buy the book but then get even more confused.

The diet is not bad as it's convenient but wow, what a mess of a book! Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Paperback All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By Downer Cow on September 8, The diet plan is incredibly easy to follow which is exactly what I need.

No counting calories, fat grams, sugar amounts, subtracting fiber from carbs, trying to remember what I had for lunch to convert it to points or plugging it into an app, etc. I don't want to turn my diet into a science experiment, I'm not training for the Olympics - I just want to lose weight at a reasonable pace without a grueling "system" that I have to manage and completely upend my lifestyle.

The Simple Diet is definitely working for me, the last time I was at this weight was over a decade ago. Still, I'm seeing great results and couldn't be happier. I usually stick with those kinds of diets for a few days but by the second weekend I'm totally over it.

This book laid out a really simple plan that is easy to follow and almost a month in I'm still going strong without starving myself of any major food groups besides dessert, ha!

Here are some pros that I've found: Besides this limited restriction, you can go to town. Variety or lack thereof for dinners - if you only like one or two things to eat for dinner that will work. Or, if you're like me and crave variety, you can have a different meal multiple times per day. This plan is really, really flexible which I appreciate.

No cutting carbs - of course, there's no room for pie or cake or muffins or chips or other junk food but you're able to eat things like rice, pasta and tortillas. You know, normal everyday carbs that you're simply going to encounter in the real world. Protein - it's not a vegetarian plan though you could go that route! You have the ability to eat meat. This isn't like Atkins where you're wolfing down bacon by the pound, and frankly I am sorely missing a good rack of ribs or a porterhouse, but since you're not cutting out whole macro food groups you will be able to enjoy protein.

The meals you're eating will be well-balanced. Easy - did I mention this is easy and simple to follow? I skipped a lot of the personal success stories and background fluff in the book that I don't care about - my attitude is just give me the plan and let me get on with it.

There's only about three chapters that are critical to understand in order to get started and you can read those in well under an hour. From there it's just a trip to the grocery store before you're off and running. Exercise - you'll have to start walking at least, but I have always liked biking and weight lifting so I do not have any complaints.

Walking for minutes is about the simplest thing to work into your routine. You don't have to join a gym, buy equipment, follow a crazy gimmick DVD, get an expensive personal trainer or purchase any other stupid stuff that is just going to end up on a shelf collecting dust. Some workout plans I've tried caused me to injure myself and I still have lasting issues in a few places. Injuries also caused me to stop working out for months -- not to mention thousands of dollars in MRIs, X-rays, doctor visits, physical therapy and lost time at work.

Walking is about as low-risk as you can get. A plan for eating out - you're eventually going to visit a restaurant, go to a friend's house or attend other function where food off the plan is available. The book gives you some sound advice on how to handle these situations. I've been successful avoiding fast food and since I don't want to sabotage my great results I've easily found the willpower to push away a lot of food at social functions that I would otherwise have enthusiastically tossed down the hatch without a second thought.

Cooking - I love to cook, it is probably my 1 hobby, and this diet eliminates a lot of meal preparation if you're going to stick to the plan. I miss making delicious food, but part of my weight problem is that I especially like to cook shamelessly decadent meals that inherently come with colossal calorie counts.

If you take even a passing interest in putting meals together, you're going to have to give that up basically for the duration of the diet.

For me this isn't a deal-breaker, but I can't wait to get back to cooking my kind of food again although eating more responsible portions. No alcohol - I love brewing and enjoying beer. I love making cocktails. I love pairing wine with my shamelessly decadent dinners. As with almost any conceivable weight loss plan, however, alcohol is off-limits. This probably isn't a con, just a reality of losing weight, but I thought I'd mention it.

Without a shred of doubt, I think the real enlightening bit of information I've learned on this diet is portion control. In hindsight now, my pre-diet portion sizes were absolutely monstrous. To an outside observer I must have been eating a positively gross amount of food at each meal. Reflecting back further, I've never had very good eating habits even at a young age.

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