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And on top of that there is sprinkles?!? I got the banana and I was skeptical to say the least. Tracy — August 23, The vanilla is DElicious all by itself and the Salted Caramel is absurd when mixed with some cold coffee! I have tried many over the years and finally feel like Ive found one I can stick with. My favorite right now is the Birthday Cake, it tastes like cake batter, and is just amazing!!

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A Look at Some Human Studies Fortunately, I also found several human studies on Garcinia Cambogia. All of these studies are so-called randomized controlled trials, which are the gold standard of scientific experiments in humans. The biggest of the studies included 135 overweight individuals, which were split into two groups (7): Treatment group: 1 gram of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 3 times per day, taken 30 minutes before meals.

Placebo group: The other group took dummy pills (placebo). Both groups also went on a high-fiber, low calorie diet.