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Poo Poo Spray Printable Labels. Talk to a manager and you can sometimes work out a lower price on many clearance display items. I have a question concerning the poopoo spray. Place them in the shoes and give them a few days, or however long it takes! Free Shipping on Walmart.

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It's easy to use and my best friend at the mall. You won't regret it! Smart Savings for Back to School. Expires Tomorrow at 2: Save on Back to College products. Expires Today at Never miss another coupon. Print Coupon Show Coupon. Valid at Walmart or anywhere manufacturer coupons are accepted. See more Sargento coupons. So basically by applying a spray on top of the bowl that has oil in it is will do the same thing. The stuff is amazing, freaking brilliant! If you have no interest in making your own spray you can always find Poopourri on Amazon here too.

This may show my age but… do you remember the Dawn dish washing commercial where they show you a greasy pan filled with water. You then put one drop of dawn soap into that dish and it spreads the grease and grim to the edges making it almost disappear. Spraying the top of the water with the spray to create that barrier you need. Now I am sure the the Poo Pourri company has a special blend of their own but I was hard core bent on creating my own.

I love essential oils and all the things we can do with them so I have a lot on hand. My experiment juices started flowing and before you know it I was testing and re-testing a concoction of my own! This started off pretty easy.

Its has very low odor unlike rubbing alcohol. Denaturing refers to removing a property from the alcohol being able to drink it , not to chemically altering or decomposing it. It took me about 7 days to get the recipe just right. My money saving demands are rubbing off on him. You can use more essential oils based on your likes. This is the blend that I found that smells exactly like the original Poo pourri spray and works just as good!

I highly encourage you to mix and match your essential oils to create a smell that is pleasant to you if you want to experiment. You will have to shake it up before using it though. I decided to go with a glass bottle for my bathroom and a plastic bottle for the kids bathroom. Now be sure to sign up for our Newsletter because we are always providing valuable information with extra freebies for our subscribers only.

Download your free printable labels here: Poo Poo Spray Printable Labels. Other Uses for Denatured Alcohol:. If you love diy essential oil uses, you will love this Homemade Shoe-pourri recipe we created! Coconut oil will definitely clog the toilet over time. Pure essential oils are not of the same chemical structure as regular oils, they are actually the immune system of the plant.

I saw someone mentioned using vodka- what is the benefit using that instead of distilled water or denatured alcohol? Wondering if fragrance oils will also work? Thanks so much for your recipe. I change the essential oil to 25 drops each of lemon and lime essential oil. I followed your recipe and made this but the oil keeps rising to the top. I am going to make this this week but have been looking everywhere for the blue glass bottle in your picture.

Where did you find it? One drop of pure essential oil works just as well as or better than any spray you might use. If you want to make a blend, again, all you really need to dilute it in is water. The denaturing is just to keep people from drinking it to get drunk off of. Hey can you use witch hazel and fragrance oils instead of essential oils? I await your response. Find out more information when you click through our link. Start changing your life today with a personalized diet plan, online tools and delicious food from Jenny Craig.

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