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Best Meal Delivery Services
Some meal services are catered to specific weight-loss plans or even dietary restrictions, which can be especially helpful for people who live far from larger grocery stores. The company even partners with famed chef Jamie Oliver for exclusive recipes. Orders come in or day orders, delivered every 2 or 4 weeks. Plated has been in operation since and focuses on creating natural and healthy recipes with only the finest ingredients available. If you're looking at specific dietary plans, it's doubly important to know that the people creating the menus are certified nutritionists. You have to do calorie counting for each of your meal on your own then.

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This group of consumers is actively trying to lose weight, and meal-delivery services can help make the process easier. The preplanned meals are designed to be balanced and healthy so that consumers don't have to worry about counting calories or determining a food's nutritional value. Some people's schedules do not leave them with much time to cook or prepare meals, and hiring a personal chef may not be financially viable. For these customers, meal-delivery services are helpful as they provide meals in advance that can be reheated or cooked whenever they prefer.

For people with diabetes, gluten sensitivities or other restrictive dietary needs, some meal-delivery services offer foods that cater to these individual needs. This makes meal planning simpler because consumers do not have to come up with new meal ideas or wonder about a meal's compatibility with their health restrictions. A Berlin-based company with U. The company even partners with famed chef Jamie Oliver for exclusive recipes. Founded in Westchester County, N.

It ships its food frozen and delivers to most of the United States. The company was founded in by a physician in Naples, Fla. Founded in , Healthy Chef Creations delivers meals fresh, not frozen, to the customer's door each week. The Winter Park, Fla. From its Kansas City, Kan. It also offers a variety of options for people with dietary restrictions. Based in Lorton, Va. It offers both fresh and frozen food options, with three different meal plans to accommodate various dietary needs. Founded in in New York City, Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to customers who then prepare and cook the food themselves.

The company also offers a monthly wine subscription of six wines with pairing notes. Launched in in Austin, Texas, Send a Meal offers family-sized meals that customers can buy for themselves or send as gifts. For convenience, the meals can be ordered on an individual basis or as part of a meal plan. Based in Chicago, Home Chef sends fresh ingredients and recipes to customers each week for them to cook their own meals. New York City-based Plated sends a box of fresh ingredients and recipes to customers each week for them to prepare their own meals.

Each week the service offers nine different recipes to choose from, with dessert options as well. Two of the meals are designated as Chef's Table recipes, with specialty cuts of meat and market-priced seafood. MagicKitchen offers healthy, chef-prepared meals created using fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced within the U. Meals are flash-frozen and shipped nationally from the company's distribution center in Kansas. Founded in , Plated is a subscription service that provides fresh, seasonal ingredients and chef-designed recipes.

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Not sure how to choose? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. What to consider before choosing a meal delivery service Top. Cost The price of a meal or plan is a major factor for most consumers when choosing a meal delivery service.

Discounts for order size: Most services offer discounts on larger orders. This means if you purchase a monthly or weekly plan, you are more likely to receive discounted prices than if you purchase meals individually. Many services provide free or discounted shipping if certain requirements are met, such as if the order is over a certain dollar amount or if the customer purchases a monthly meal plan. Plan Many meal-delivery services offer their meals based on a plan.

The frequency with which you need to order depends on what type of plan you have. Some services offer weekly plans, while others offer meals as a package for an entire month. The good health food delivery services provide daily meals which are low in salt and contain fixed amount of calories in every meal. This saves you from the effort of counting the calories in every meal. Great services cater for the requirements of various people according to their health conditions and diet sensibilities.

Diet food delivery services provide specially prepared meals for vegetarians, non vegetarians, traditional food lovers, low carbohydrate requirements, high protein requirements, diabetic people and gluten sensitive people etc.

One of the best aspects of these services is that they can deliver to an area close to you if delivery to your door is not available. There are a few people who require special health care and attention like pregnant women, aged people, people who have undergone some surgery, very small children and nursing mothers. No matter how hard their families try, they are never able to pay proper attention to their special dietary requirements because of the efforts and time that goes into it.

But what if you could get fresh meals which taste exactly like home cooked food? These meal services not only cater to healthy people, but they also provide their meal services for these types of people who need special kinds of nutritious food. The best part is that this diet food that is delivered by these companies does not contain unhealthy preservatives. Fresh and Pure Diet Foods Now you may wonder how these meals are kept fresh despite the fact that these food items lack preservatives.

Doctors and nutritionists always recommend frozen food over food containing preservatives. When the food is completely frozen, then any form of bacterial, fungal or viral growth is completely inhibited in the food item and it retains its nutritional value till the time it is consumed.

So, you can be sure that the vitamins and minerals in your diet food are intact when they are delivered to your home. All you have to do is to microwave the meal directly as it is already packed in microwavable containers. Imagine how much time you save daily which you had to spend earlier doing the dishes and cleaning up your kitchen. Many people have the misconception that diet food is always boring and you have to compromise on your taste to benefit from it.

But this is not the case. The meal companies make special efforts in preparing meals that are extremely delicious. Every dish from various cuisines provided by the diet meal delivery services has authentic taste of its cuisine. You can even have healthy versions of your favorite burgers and noodles.

Therefore, if you and your family order meals from health food delivery services, then you would never feel like eating outside. It will not only save your expenses but it will also be good for your health too. These food delivery companies have wide range of food items and the meal choices for customers are numerous. Seasonal additions are done in the meal menu of many of these services. The quantity of the food per meal depends upon the calorie plan that you have chosen. Special meal plans are usually available for men and women as they require different portion sizes.

The cost for the diet meal delivery is also extremely affordable and it can easily be accommodated in the food budget of various households.

Have you ever imagined how much money you actually spend on a meal that you prepare at home? You have to spend money on buying ingredients from supermarket, paying the gas bills, paying for water and electricity spent in cooking, etc.

How the Diet Food is so Healthy The diet food is extremely healthy and stringent hygiene measures are taken in the preparation of meals.

The diet meals are prepared using healthy cooking methods like baking, stir frying, roasting, grilling and steaming, etc. Low fat cooking oil, lean meats, and green vegetables are integral parts of the diet meals.

This is the reason that people who consume diet food are able to lose weight without any extra physical activity. Selections should include options for food allergies or special diets. Most companies provide fixed schedules for deliveries which are usually set twice during weekdays. Get Your Free Credit Report! Get Your Free Credit Report.

Home Meal Delivery Top We receive advertising revenue from some partners. Weekly deliveries of fresh ingredients and tasty recipes No minimum subscription period Chef-curated menus Select from Classic, Veggie and Family meal plans Flexible subscription Free door-to-door delivery. A new seasonal menu every week 20 original chef-designed recipes Great for every cooking level minute quick prep recipes or full culinary adventures in under an hour High-quality ingredients Responsibly-sourced meats and sustainable seafood Farm-sourced seasonal ingredients.

Sous-Vide cuisine Flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed French and Italian-inspired dishes Free shipping with subscription service Highest quality ingredients with no preservatives.

Don't see the business you are looking for? Popular Comparisons Blue Apron vs. Home Chef Blue Apron vs. Our Meal Delivery Review: Home Chef Meal Delivery. Features a variety of options including gluten-free, soy-free, low-carb, and vegetarian meals. Sun Basket Meal Delivery. Marley Spoon Meal Delivery. Features 10 new recipes every week, including healthy eats and kid-friendly recipes.

Features minute quick prep recipes or full culinary adventures in under an hour.

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